Speed in ERG mode is in hundreds

I recently started using smart trainer, and for some reason when using Systm with ERG speed shown jumps between 100 and 400 km/h. Switching power cadence etc. works ok.

Also in non erg mode speed is fine. And in other software speed in erg also seems fine. I don’t see any setting that could be impacting this.

But it’s kind of hard to log anything in strava etc. because the distance is 0.

Any idea what this could be?

Windows 10
BT connection
Elite Tuo trainer

Attaching image with speed from erg and non erg workout.

Second image non erg, can’t post 2 images in post

On your smart trainer is there an option to set your wheel size in mm? This happened to me when I was using Garmin on a non smart trainer so could be the issue for you

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First, I’ve never been overly concerned about speed indoors since it’s a guess at best unless you are in an actual cycling simulation program (like Zwift or Rouvy etc). That said you may find it more accurate by using the “Virtual Speed” setting. That way, the app does a calculation of speed based on the design of the workout rather than the speed of your flywheel. I’ve been using virtual speed since having it suggested to me and it seems a much more credible simulation.


Virtual speed solved it, thanks, I didn’t notice that setting.