The releasenotes were published on this site for some time. Sadly for months the site seems to be abandoned. So please either update the site with every release or show proper releasenotes within the app.

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I agree, and I touched on this in the topic about workouts being adjusted.

This will probably be a learning curve for a company that has grown from making videos and has changes being made by coaches/sports scientists. But what we have now is very much a software product, and software products should have patch/release notes to let users know what has changed.

Edit: Linking to release notes from this part of the home page of the app would be perfect


Not entirely abandoned as they now provide the current SYSTM Status link there which is really REALLY appreciated whenever there are login problems like a a couple days back.

That said, I 100% agree that each and every time an update is released, notes should be released with it, even just to say bug fixes and maintenance.

Personally, I’d rather see it on the “…More” menu where it already shows the app version and provides a little more info if you click on it.