Workout History

I know this has been asked before but just seeing if there is any update. When will it be possible to view previous attempts at any given workout without trawling back through the calendar? I really like this feature as it allows me to see any notes I made last time I did a workout. I have seen the workaround solution of downloading the CSV but that’s only a stop gap and not very convenient. I have seen it being described as being available “soon” and in the “next release” but I’d like to know when this is scheduled for. If it is planned, then somewhere there exists a Gantt chart which has a delivery date. Any chance of sharing that?
Thanks, Andrew

I can still use the old app for that.

Hmmm…don’t think I’ve got the old app anymore. It was replaced when I upgraded to the new one.

I have both the new and old app on my Windows machine and iPad. Only on the iPhone was it removed.

It was recommended to not mix the two on any platform.

I do not run any workouts on the old app, I just use it to get information that is missing from the new app. Queries should not mess up any information.

If they really do not want you to use it, they should be able to disable it on the back end.

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You may not run workouts but the general advice, as I understood it, was to avoid issues with trying to run both with e.g. shared DLLs, registry issues, whatever.

I’m not a software guy, just reiterating the advice given when SYSTM was released, not to mention that support for the old Suf app stopped in mid November.