Remove obvious anomalies/spikes from workout

Once in a while, during a workout, I get a power spike, and the SUF software records a momentary power of 2500W. It seems like there should be some option for the app to automatically correct these spikes. I wouldn’t expect writing an algorithm to determine such a spike would be a difficult technical task…

It skews my workout result as well as the badass power records. My record 5-second power according to SUF is 1529 because of such a spike, and the reality is that it is not even half that.


The app already deals with zero watt “dropouts” when doing the stats (looks like it does some kind of average value filling) so taking care of 2500W “spikes” in the same way should be super easy. Technically… :speak_no_evil:

Cant say I ever see these. Are you sure you aren’t Superman every time you stand up? :sunglasses: