Add Normalized Power/Lap Function to onscreen display options or Normalized Power excluding warm-up /cool-down

After a workout, I would like to See my average power output (and duration) of my workout, excluding the warm-up and cool-down phase.
This might not be of interest for AC or NM focused trainings but would be (for me) of highly interest for MAP and FTP workouts.

I commented on your other post that I use my head unit for this using the lap function. I would take this request one step further and I’d LOVE to see a lap function built into the app that you could just hit after the warmup, then hit again before the cooldown.


Would renaming this feature request to “Add Normalized Power/Lap Function to onscreen display options” better capture what you are looking for here @AndM?

The app already inserts laps in to the file it uploads to third party sites so this kind of analysis “outside of SUF” is possible. I would extend your feature request to a more general “add section and interval stats to the post-workout analysis”. Oh and “add live interval stats to the on-screen metrics while you’re at it”. But no need to feature request those two, the minions already know.