Replace video files?

I’m back a year and a half later from Sufferlandrai to the new SYSTM. I loved the concept of Sufferfest, as I do like to suffer - but what I loved the most was all the witty things that were added to the UI, the workouts, etc. I understand that you expanded the system greatly - and happy to see the cheeky stuff still here.

I’ve been Zwifting this last year, and I must say it is an amazing app. However, I’ve been missing a video or something other than the same old 3d watopia. Fulgaz is great when it works. (ahem) The workouts are the absolute best on SYSTM, and I am truly enjoying myself.

My question is, as a retired filmmaker - I would love to create videos for my favorite workouts. We have a huge 4k monitor, and a mac pro, so we’re finding the video quality a bit lacking.

I saw that I can play quicktimes, youtube, etc behind the floating UI panel. Great job with this! However, I wonder is it possible to replace the video on my mac with my replacement? Or do I just need to stream it in my own way?


I suspect the answer is that you’ll need to stream your video in your own way. I don’t know what structure the workout files use, nor what sort of encryption is used on them, but my guess is it’s not easy to remove the standard video and add in your own.

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Or you could send it to the minions, they paste it behind a NoVid and share it with everyone, yay!!! :smile:

I’m sure the copyright issues of something like that need careful consideration - but I’d be keen to see productions from creative Sufferlandrians.