Old Sufferfest Videos. Can I use them with the Systm app?

Hi all.
After an extended trip to Couchlandria. I’ve signed back up for some pain and glory. My question is will my old videos work with this funky new app? I love the soundtracks on the original Fightclub (Giving it all away, Ashes to lashes etc) and many more of them.


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If by old videos you mean the old downloaded ones prior to the app then the answer is no, and yes and it depends. If you mean the old vids on the old Suf app, then yes, but the app is set to be turned off mid November.

If you have pre app vids, then No, because the vids won’t link to anything nor connect to anything.

If you have pre app vids, then Yes, in that you could record your efforts using level mode and running any of the open vids, minimized. That would give you a record in the app but would be weird when synced to Strava or anywhere else cuz then you’d be showing as having done an Open Vid but your power profile and everything else will be from the old vid you played.

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Having never really thought about it like that previously, you could thoroughly confuse people if you found videos of approximately the same length then rode the intervals from one on level mode while running the video of another.
Uploads to Strava with The Bat intervals listed as G.O.A.T (for example, they are likely different lengths)…

Thanks for the reply. I bought and downloaded them all in 2016 . They did link with Trainerroad, until they had a parting of ways, so I imagine they’ll now be for viewing and listening pleasure only.

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I think Glen’s suggestion is pretty solid.
If you have a SYSTM membership then you should, really, be making use of the new platform primarily, but if you want to revisit one of the old videos and get it recorded in the SYSTM record then doing an Open Session with the mini-player, level mode and the old video is a good way to go about it.


Correct. You can still ride them old skool like using the Sufferscale and all and the app could record the efforts using any open vid of suitable length in Level mode. You could then rename the vids after sharing to Strava or wherever else you might share.

But, the funky new app of which you speak has made some incredible leaps into the future. Science!!! Many of these changes began with the move to the app after parting with TR, then the implementation of 4DP ie Full Frontal instead of Rubber Glove. There’s also some brand new categories of rides in SYSTM that started with adding the GCN vids then Norway last year and now includes things like the On Location vids and Pro Rides as well as the A Week With series. So much new stuff but ALL the Sufferfest content (albeit with some revisions to targets based on SCIENCE!!) is there in its own category/channel. There’s a lot to love about it all and a bit of a learning curve but the minions are all still around to help if the suffering becomes the wrong kind of suffering ;). Welcome home @ian121.


Thanks again for helping with my reintroduction to the wonderful world of suffering. Those On Location Vids look like they’ll need a visit in the near future.


They’re great and I’d hazard a guess you’ll love the Pro Rides too

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