Replacement chest strap for Wahoo Tickr

Anyone know where to get a replacement strap for a Wahoo Tickr (UK)? My heart rate is starting to go a bit squiffy in workouts, I’ve replaced the battery but it’s still the same. Last time it happened the strap needed to be replaced.

I’ve got this one for my wife here in Germany:

It works quite well and she is quite happy with it. The design is nicer since it uses a hook rather than clamping the button all the time. Maybe you can find the same or a similar one.

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I have a new Tickr X. They’ve changed the strap to make it more comfortable. I also used the old Tickr X with a Garmin ‘soft strap’ preciously. You had to trim about half a millimetre off the connector rubber with a scalpel but I prefer the attachment on the side & not being part of the device itself. They are on EBay. For a plain Tickr I’d still go for a Garmin Soft Strap. The Tickr X has some inbuilt live running dynamics so I use the strap with it so as to reduce the “soft” inbetween it & me,

I had the old tickr and new tickr. Ideally I’d get the same strap again but Wahoo don’t seem to sell a replacement.

Just tried my new TICKR X strap on my old TICKR X and it’s fine. Pretty sure the TICKR and TICKR X have the same husks.

I’d still probably go for a Garmin Soft Strap though as I like the closing mechanism more.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at the Garmin soft straps.

How old is you Tickr? Could just ask wahoo.

I got mine replaced at the start of the month under warranty


Same here.

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Thanks. I’ll get in touch with Wahoo, after checking the unit isn’t as old as I thought.

Before throw it away check and clean the two button clips in order to allow the contact with the sensor

I just got a new strap from wahoo on warranty. As they are pushing the new one now I think they were happy to keep a customer happy. My wahoo stuff seems to go wrong all the time but customer service has always been spot on.

Timely thread - the Tickr I got “free” via the SUF offer last year broke recently. One of the studs on the strap pulled away with the pod. Kudos to Wahoo as they replaced it without any questioning.

I’ve been looking for replacement Tickr straps as it seems a waste to throw the working pod out but they seem to unavailable from most websites. The Garmin replacement straps all seem around £40 and I can buy a complete new Tickr for that price.

Thanks @neillfontes - I’ve found what looks to be the same strap on Amazon UK for £10 so I’ve ordered one of them and will report back. I’d agree the hook design makes more sense as you’re not pulling on the connection studs when taking it on or off.

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If you get one just remember to remove a fraction of a millimetre of rubber off them or they won’t clip on properly. Takes a few seconds with a sharp knife.

Edited to add: just had a look on EBay. All of the Garmin soft straps seem to have been replaced with generic ones. They were about £12. Don’t know how much, if any, rubber needs removing, but I suspect it is none as the Garmin ones had this rubber ring outside each button and when I zoomed in on these it wasn’t there.

I’ve been in touch with Wahoo, I’ve tried their troubleshooting, but didn’t realise there was an update out for the newer Tickr’s. I’m going to try that and hope it sorts their issue, if not they’ll help further.

To report back… This is the HR strap I got from Amazon UK:

The electronics pod on my “broken” Tickr clipped straight on - no knife modifications required. I’ve then done a few workouts with the FrankenTickr paired to the Sufferfest on my PC and also had a Scosche Rhythm+ optical HRM on my upper arm paired to my Garmin Edge.

I’ve not run the .fit files through a comparison tool like DC Rainmakers to inspect carefully, but anytime I quickly compared the displayed HR in Sufferfest against the Garmin, it was either the same or +/- 1 BPM. Very pleased with it for £10 - the other plus point is the hook/loop in the strap so removes the need to keep unclipping the sensor pod to put it on/off like the original Tickr.


I just got a generic replacement strap on Amazon (US). There must be something similar over there. I found that the Wahoo straps aren’t great. They seem “fragile” for lack of a better term. I’ve had one where the snaps corroded to the point of breaking within a couple of months, and 2 others decide they didn’t want to work anymore. This is taking the usual steps of washing it every couple of rides and making sure it was unsnapped when not in use.

I’ve since moved to a Polar HR10 for my HR measuring needs and I’ve been very happy with it.

The update seemed to work for me. I’m not sure why it should have started to play up but either way it’s sorted now.

Glad to hear that @Harpoon!