Resistance jumps for short bursts

My Tacx Neo 1 has developed an issue whereby the resistance jumps for micro seconds and then returns to workout normal level. This is very irritating.
This follows on from problems in certain workouts where the power levels don’t work at all.

Any suggestions about the cause are appreciated.

On Tacx neo family resistance is magnetic, and linked to cadence, speed…so the resistance is not “linear and continuous” the Neo is always trying to compensate to keep you on the power target,Remember we don’t pedal with equal force around the 360 degrees of rotation of the cranks, hence variability. But if it’s an issue maybe you’ll find some hints on TACXFAQX site!
I have a neo 1 and i struggle sometimes with a bit of latency (in my case it takes a few sec after an interval finishes for the resistance to go down, in some videos those few seconds feel like an eternity!!! :wink:
Hope this helps you!

Thanks JC. Much appreciated feedback This is a relatively new problem for me and seems mainly to occur in the Recovery and Endurance+ workouts and so any sudden resistance is very unwelcome in both of them. I’ll have a look through the Tacx stuff and I guess may do a factory reset but want to see what others say first.

I do not have a solution, but my Neo 1 lasted over 20K km without a glitch. I did get another when my first acted up, also after some 15K km and I got a free replacement, but no explanation as to what was wrong with it.

I now have a 2T and my old Neo is happily being used by someone else.

How ‘worn out’ is yours? Have you made any, even the smallest of adjustments to your setup? You’re using BLE, Ant+ or both? Which PC - if any - and did you try any other service, like the free Tacx app, running a power or slope workout?

And so on - I’m just putting forward a few questions Tacx / Garmin will probably ask you as well :sunglasses:

I’m afraid support hasn’t improved now that they are a Garmin company…

As above, I have more questions than answers, but it’s worth checking that you don’t have any app open on your phone, tablet etc that’s trying to connect to the neo and causing a spike.