Tacx Neo 2 power resistance

Since the most recent update I have noticed that the changes to power in erg mode can take between 4-8 seconds to change either up or down so this makes efforts impossible this never used to happen and nothing has changed in my setup which is.

Windows 10
Tacx Neo ant+ dongle
Tacx Neo 2 trainer

Hi @st3vo

A few months back (with the change to SYSTM) I changed from Ant+ to BLE on a TACX Neo 2T - Lightening fast changes whereas with Ant+ there was always a substantial lag that for years I had thought was normal!

I broke in my new Neo 2T last night with the 30-minute recovery ride. Nice, smooth feel, but it’s also a totally flat line at 50% below FTP.

This morning I did (or tried to do) The Chores and utterly failed. Resistance was incredibly irksome and seemed so much greater than the wattage displayed on the screen, regardless of if ANT+ or Bluetooth. Ended the workout prematurely and checked for a firmware update. Installed and gave a section of The Model a check with more favorable results post-firmware update.

Now I’m just wondering if I need to (or should) do an updated FTP test to recalibrate for the Neo 2T, an upgrade from the Flux Smart. :\

I think you are on the right path, with an update to your 4DP values via a test performed on your new trainer. When I switched trainers to the Neo 2T, I did see a slight difference from my old trainer in perceived effort (but not impossibly so). The good news for me is that the Neo 2T matching more closely what I see outdoors on my Quarq power meter, so I am able to go from inside to outside without having to compensate for difference in power zones.

On the delay concerns noted in the original thread post, I am also seeing some delays in power adjustments from iOS to the Neo2T via bluetooth even for downloaded videos. It seems like a second or two delay, but is something that I have only seen in the past couple of weeks and not in the previous year with exactly the same setup. I think it would be good for the Minions to look to see if anything has changed code wise for this. Adding a couple extra seconds to The Model on two occasions today was noticeable.

I have a Neo 2 (not 2T) that was connected to a PC running Windows 11 using Bluetooth. There was no noticeable delay at all today.

If there is now a delay It sounds like it is iOS.

One thing I have found is that I have the BT USB on an extension and if I have accidentally kicked it behind something it can have difficultly communicating. Then I see odd stuff like that. Now I have it (well it’s hub really) stuck with double sided tape to part of my fan.

Edited to add: I hadn’t noticed a firmware update. Is that to the trainer firmware?

Yes, this was to the trainer firmware. New trainer bought over the weekend. Unsure how long it’d been in the LBS.

Ran Half-Monty tonight to less-than-stellar results, but it did give me better numbers to rejoin the Century Plan I’d started in January but lost two weeks at the end of February due to my own stupidity.

Thanks for the feedback.

You need to switch off ant+ in the Tacx app, then turn off the Tacx app, then connect via Blue tooth.

Most issues are now with IOS. Windows and Android seem sweet

With the latest NEO firmware update resistance changes in erg are so much faster and smoother. I no longer need to change cadence to chase watts. This is on iOS and win10

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Thanks. I checked my firmware pre-tour and it was up to date, so unless there’s been an update to the 2 non-T firmware in the last 4 days i am running the latest firmware and Systm on a PC with no significant delay in both BT and ANT.

MacOS desktop was able to connect via Bluetooth without disabling ANT+. Will continue the experimentation this weekend with numbers & connectivity.

Thanks for the info.//d

Good it could vonnect. What was the power like though? Holding steady or all over the place?

Prior to the firmware update, power was all over the place, but the end of intervals was the worst: It would display, say…300 watts, but the intensity felt in my legs was significantly higher—like, almost unable to turn the cranks at all. Weird.

Very weird but ace it seems sorted now!!