Regular speed drops

I just completed a half monty test and during the resistance mode sequence, I felt some regular short changes in the resistance. I did not feel that in erg mod

I just saw my speed graph and there are speed drops all along the workout, even in erg mode.

(I see the same thing on the Garmin Connect graph)

I looked into my past workouts and found I had a lot more like this.


  • Igniter the 13th, OK, the 14th, lots of speed drops (erg mode)
  • Cadence builds, ok the the 14th, drops on the 28th
  • The 1st November I did To Get To The Other Side in erg mode, and the speed graph is totally smooth.
  • the 31th, I did the Hunted: drops.

I don’t see major drops on the power graph of half monty in level mode, but when I compare to the 4DP graph where the speed graph is smooth, the power output is way more smooth, so I think there is an impact on the power output.

I zwifted 3 times last week and no drops. No drops either in my previous Rouvy & Tacx rides.

I’m using the Tacx Neo 2T smart, I did a firmware upgrade around the 20th, so it is not related as I saw the issue the 14th.

Maybe a bluetooth issue ? but my setup is always the same.

I did the resistance reset manipulation and disabled ant+ with the Tacx utility, I’ll see if it’s better.

Hi @arthur Can you send an email to so we can look into this a bit more for you?

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Was a resolution found? I am seeing the same thing. I have also sent an email to the minions. Thanks!.

Hi ehoffman,

Yes, the solution is to use the sufferspeed. By default the sufferspeed is always selected and I thought it was a wrong setting, so most of the time I switched back to the Neo2T speed.

After discussing with the SUF support, I now only use the sufferspeed and I do not have the issue anymore. I tried to contact the Tacx support but it’s totally useless because now the front support is Garmin and they don’t transfer your request to Tacx. I don’t have the patience anymore to handle poor customer service, so I did not insist.

Thanks Arthur. I have had success with the suffer speed setting, but I feel like this is not a true resolution to the problem. It may be a Tacx issue in your case, and it may very well be a Kickr issue in my case. The speed drops occur when I use bluetooth, and the Kickr speed. I have also tried a Ant+ dongle and get a whole new set of issues on top of the speed drops. When using Ant+ the distance measurements are way off. For example, I did Attacker and averaged 21.8 mph. The distance on the screen at the end of the 53 minute workout was only around 12 miles. When I finished and saved the workout it showed 16.9 miles. If you do the math, that doesn’t make sense either way.