Returning from minor injury

Hi, I’ve been using SUF for about 4 years now starting as a total novice. I’m middle aged and 90kg and have described myself as generally unfit. I unintentionally had this winter off (laziness I think) but was making the most of lock down to get you a position where getting on the bike was enjoyable again! Anyway, i then spasmed my lower back and have been off the bike for the last 3 weeks but am looking to return again.

How should I approach getting back up to speed? Drop the 4dp % and do some base training for a few weeks. Then attempt FF to rebase my fitness? Or just try to get gradually get back to where I was at before?

Any advice welcomed!


I’m kind of in the same boat, here’s my plan:

  1. Ride for a week or two just on RPE
  2. After a couple of weeks, do Half Monty
  3. Start the Fitness Kickstarter training plan

Good luck!

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I wouldn’t worry too much about 4DP or FF at the moment. I have a history of back spasm that has laid me up for weeks at a time. I’ve been on this boat many many times, and what I end up doing is rides I like at reduced percentages and gradually increasing the intensity (even if it is just 1 or 2 points) until I’m back to where I can complete a ride at 100%. Also, fwiw and ymmv but I’d also recommend checking out Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by Dr. John Sarno.

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@Glen.Coutts. Thanks for the advice. That’s really helpful.

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Might I also recommend adding The Sufferfest Strength Training Program? Strengthening the abs, glutes, legs, etc. will help support your back muscles to reduce potential for future back related issues. And recovering with some yoga and stretching sessions each week may also help keep your body mobile and injury free as you increase your training load.


1.Visit a Chiropractor and find out what is causing your back to spasm (start with an x-ray) if the chiro doesn´t ask for an x-ray, find another chiro. Act on his/her advice.
2. Pick a yoga plan, make it an easy one to follow and keep with, start it a week before:
3. Three or Four Week Base Building Block, start one week after you start yoga plan (as above).
See where you are at the end of that and reassess.
You might feel like moving on to a Tempo Block, you might want to retake FF etc.
Good luck! :wink:

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