Rgt Workout on Systm, and Fitness

How to import the performed Rgt workouts into System and Wahoo fitness?

You can’t import them into a plan or the calendar but they will appear in your calendar once you have done them. see Sunday on my plan

but in fact I expected that once the exercise with Rgt was completed, it would automatically synchronize on the System calendar and on the Wahoo Fitness history, which has now happened as it took a couple of hours to synchronize. not having seen the sync after a few minutes so i thought it was not expected, so i asked here. instead it has now appeared in all apps. great Wahoo !!!

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Yeah I know, that throws me off sometimes too, glad it worked ok…

I love the world of Wahoo, for me now they have and will not have rivals anymore. I’m too far ahead. I only hope for one last small step: that of being able to send the outdoors also on ios, for those who use the Wahoo Fitness app on iphone for workouts and do not have Elemnt