RIVAL HR zone locking

Dear Wahooligans and Sufferlandrians,

recently I bought myself a RIVAL to replace my Polar V800. It would make my Wahoo ecosystem pretty complete with having the CORE, BOLT, TICKR and several sensors already in place. Today I did my first run with the RIVAL. I created a run training in TrainingPeaks (which I previously used the Polar Flow app for), uploaded it to the RIVAL with the companion app and started running.

The V800 has the functionality that it can ‘lock’ the HR zone you are in or should be in, which means it will give a sound when you are outside the HR zone. Is this functionality also present on the RIVAL? I can’t find any information about this on the support pages or on this forum. It is pretty annoying you have to look at the RIVAL screen every time to ‘check’ whether you still are in the right HR zone or not.

So far the watch is pretty OK (especially with integrating the BOLT and the unique multisport functionality), although I suspect the step counting is way off from time to time. Will do a comparison on that later.

Please tell me the HR zone locking is on the watch, otherwise it would absolutely be a shame if it is not.

This is an older query, but I was curious and noted that you can set a target HR/Pace/Power values from the optional workout menu. I presume it would give alerts when you leave that value…Not really a zone based approach and not sure how much they buffer it.

Ah, this must have landed in an update this summer, details here:

Hi seanvk,

thanks for the info. I have tried to find the mentioned menu option on my RIVAL but can’t find it. I guess it’s not that intuitive as said in the article… :wink: .

Any idea where to find it or should I contact some Minions to help me out?

Hi seanvk,

I fumbled around with my RIVAL after I sent the above reply. I found out one can also enter the (main) menu if the RIVAL is in one or another activity mode. Then the Target Plan option shows up. Availability of the targets depend on the chosen activity.

The RIVAL manual is unfortunately pretty poor on these kind of things. Also the Minion I spoke to about this did not know this feature.

Sorry,I don’t really use the Rival.

@marrekie Hi, hope you enjoy your Rival after a couple of months?

I just bought one, I am having some issues.

Does the public beta sleep data work? Are you able to synchronise with other apps like google fit?

Hi MatthiasC,

sorry for the delayed reply. Been busy training :face_with_peeking_eye:.

I am not really into the beta part. I don’t really see the added value yet. When using my Polar V800 I could use the HRV functionality which the RIVAL lacks. Hopefully it will come in the (near) future.

I synchronize the RIVAL with Strava and Trainingpeaks, via the ELEMNT app.

I also found out the Multisport edit functionality (editing Multisport workouts in the ELEMNT app) doesn’t work for the moment. The Minions are apparently working on this.

Furthermore please not the possibility to access extra functionalities when in an activity profile. Just press and hold the bottom left button and you will access this menu. You can for example set HR Zone locking. Please also note the ELEMNT and RIVAL firmware update notes.

The positive side of things is that upgrades are frequently released, question is though when a particular functionality request is part of the update. So usually I just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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