Wahoo Rival V2

I have been using the Rival since release, as it integrates seemlessly into the ecosystem. Now, I am looking for a newer gadget and want to ask, if the watch line has been abandoned or a successor is in sight?

I too use the Rival…you are being kind, sir!

So far as I know, The Company continues to upgrade the current Rival, but no new version on the (near) horizon.

I would say new hardware isn’t what the RIVAL needs, but just more functionality in its software stack.



I thought of an updated GPS chip with dual band GNSS for better reception in forests and cities, hardware storage for maps / music and a more accurate optical HR sensor.


Those would be nice, but in my opinion alone wouldn’t really change anything and I doubt would alter sales of it. You can have good hardware but if you don’t have the software to go with it, it doesn’t matter. Now if they did have the software to go with it, such that the RIVAL was a more complete 24/7 watch solution, that’d be a different story.


I’ve been waiting on the Rival as a replacement for my 3 year old Garmin 735xt, but the number of features just isn’t there, yet, to be a 24/7 fitness watch/wearable. I would really love for Wahoo to buckle up and add all the software features it needs to have be truly competitive.

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My list’o’stuff:

Really useful to me:
Resting HR
Support for notifications from any app
Notification management (dismiss on watch dismisses on phone, and ability to execute actions on a notification)

Nice to have:
Widgets/views for sleep, HRV, resting HR


The biggest problem with this watch is that it doesn’t work with Wahoo systems. You cannot create and record a structured workout. :person_shrugging:

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@Sententiya You can use structured workouts - cycling, running and swimming - but you have to create them on Training Peaks. Unfortunately SYSTM doesn’t have a workout builder.

For strength I just record on the workout and use a separate app (StrengthLog) to log how much I lift and that app also has a rest / work countdown timer. Same thing for rowing - I dual record using SmartRow and follow the planned workout within the other app.


I understand all this. But Wahoo Systems has training plans for triathlon, running and swimming. These plans are not synchronized with the times. It is very inconvenient to write plans in another program when they are Wahoo Systems.


They haven’t updated the software since … December. In light of their financial situation and layoffs, I’m rather skeptical that they will be doing anything more for this product.

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@Sententiya Agreed - there was a comment about it a few weeks ago so it is coming at some point.

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The Wahoo Rival watch is well suited for triathlon classes. I believe that the most important thing for this watch is:

  • contactless transitions from transit zones to competition stages.
  • communication with the bike computer
  • it is possible to record training on the watch (it is a pity that this is only possible with training peaks).
    I’ve been using the Wahoo Rival Watch since the very beginning, it’s perfect for training peaks. But it’s very strange, because it’s a Wahoo watch, when you look at Wahoo Systems training plans and see the inscription: “Please write this running workout down and follow it. It cannot be completed in the app or shared to devices yet.”
    I wish success to Wahoo, but if one of the competitors makes contactless transitions and communication of the watch with the bike computer like Wahoo, then probably the competitors will win.
    I really hope that soon I will be able to record training plans from Wahoo systems in my watch.
    Thank you.

Agree with your post. I’m not sure how the Rival can control music but is completely incapable of getting a Messenger Notification that even the cheapest Garmin watches display.

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Umm, when I’m streaming music on my phone, with BT enabled, my Rival absolutely controls my music player. And I receive notifications on my watch as well. It can be configured in settings to receive (or not) phone calls, emails, and/or texts, to my recollection.

Unless you mean FB Messenger (capital “M”) - I’d have no idea about that, not being a user.

Likely does mean Facebook Messenger. It’s not a supported app on Wahoo devices (RIVAL or bike computer) so they don’t show up.


Well, according to what is done on the bike computer front, I think nobody shoudl expect the Rival to become a smartwatch wannabe. It’s a sport watch, and as such, it has some great simple and intuitive features, but it misses some…

  • Pushing SYSTM workouts to the watch as for ELEMNT bike computer is a must, IMO. Not being able to follow a bike WO from the watch is a pity.
  • A better GPS chip as it really lags behind competition now. NOt so for the quality of the track (I don’t bother which side of the road I ran) bit for instant pace.
  • Maps…mmh…why not. Not mandatory IMO. Breadcrumb track is enough
  • Fix the issue with Stryd: mine has been unable to correclty pair to Stryd, not getting advanced Stryd metrics on the watch nor pace from Stryd. Two opened tickets, more than 18 months ago, still KO. Wow.
    And that’s all for me. Focusing on a simple to use, powerful straight-to-the-point sports watch is what Wahoo needs. Not adding smartwatch features that are still shitty no matter the brand.

I agree, the smart function is not very necessary. Let them fix all the bugs. A watch for sports should be simple and convenient to use. :point_up: