Road ID vs LifeKey vs Others vs Nothing

I’ve been using Road ID for a long time. I like that my emergency contacts and allergies are right there should the unthinkable happen. I don’t like having another smelly silicone or nylon band on my arm or something else attached to my Whoop strap or watch.

Saw an add for LifeKey and are intrigued, but not enough to buy.

What is everyone using for their emergency contacts and allergies should you get in a bad crash?

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I used to wear a medallion with all the info around my neck. They were dedicated first-aid ones.
Now I carry a phone where anyone can access the emergency contact without logging in and my UK driver’s license that has my address on it.

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I use the RoadID 13 mm stretch wristband. It’s small and light enough that I don’t really notice it.

I also like the idea that it has some basic information available on the tag, and I have the online account which provides a whole lot more information if it’s ever needed. I like the passive nature of RoadID - I don’t need to do anything to give someone the information; they just need to find the wristband.


I use a RoadID. I nearly never notice it during my ride, and rinse it after each ride, but I can see why it might be irritating. You can attach it to your shoe, or your bike, if that is more convenient.

Having said that, speaking as a medical practitioner, I think the wrist is the best place to have it - it will definitely be seen and read. I worry about using my phone for this as it might break in a crash, or go flying and not be seen by the paramedics etc.


I wear a Road ID dog tag. Having been in two serious accidents I never ride without it. I just looked at LifeKey having never seen it before. Looks interesting but at the same time, the simple Road ID dog tag is simple and effective. Not everything needs to be digital.

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Considering the side kick to replace my current band.

I have the larger one with the silicon band and some badges

I had one of those larger ones with the metal clasp. I found it bounced around too much on my wrist when mountain biking.

I switched to the stretchy smaller band and tag, and haven’t regretted that decision at all.

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I have Medical ID set up on my iPhone. If I was diabetic, had a serious allergy or other condition an emergency responder needed to know about I’d wear a stainless steel dogtag like RoadID) or medical ID bracelet, they’re indestructible and don’t rely on gimmicky tech like Lifekey.

In the olden days before widespread mobile phone use, I used to carry my cycling club membership card, which had name, emergency contact and medical info in my camelbak or a jersey zip up pocket.

I have LiveTrack enabled on my Elemnt Bolt so as long as my phone has battery and a signal my wife can see where I am.

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Road ID dog tag. Figure if I’m mangled that bad they’re going to cut my jersey off and find it.

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Been using RoadId for a very long time as a runner and now cycling. It’s just a simple way to have your info readily available. Plus, in a week’s time you can do the RoadId TdF trivia contest with Bob Roll. :dancer:

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I love RoadID. As you can see from the image, I have it on my Rival and it fits great. I know this group will appreciate the message I added to the RoadID.


Thank you for sharing - I’ve wondered how comfortable/uncomfortable the sidekick is.

Brilliant!!! I need to get a new one now :+1:t3:

current set up

I use a road ID with a bright green band. In addition to my emergency contact info and blood type, it has my domestic and international health insurance numbers.

I use ICE ID, acronym for In Case of Emergency, it’s a silicon wrist band, could be less intrusive but for the sake of its benefits, I put up with it.

Generally, when I am out without any other form of ID, I am wearing the wrist band. Don’t want to be left in a morgue as a John Doe tag.

Dan those look nice. Where do they ship from and what currency is that in?

My dogs have had tattooed ID in their ears and were chipped. That’s way better than what I have, which is just a card in my wallet.

Thank you for the tips here. I have an allergy that is life threatening if I have an incident. I dislike the traditional metal dotags/bracelets (though needs must), and they’re not the most obvious of things. I have ICE info on my phone but that’s also not the most convenient thing.

Since the moment I discovered I had this I’ve ridden much less outside. Something like these are what I need. I came acrosss neither RoadID nor Lifekey when I looked for things.