Roll Call - 2021 WEMBO Americas 24 / Oregon 24/12

Any Sufferlandrians planning on racing the WEMBO Americas 24 Championship/ Oregon 24/12 on July 10/11?

I’ll be there, racing the 12 hour. @ErickT, which race are you doing?

12hr 50-59 solo

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Nice. I’m racing 12 hour, singlespeed solo. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the race.

SS? More than you! Haha. Should be a good time!

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Are you ready??!

As ready as I’m going to be! Haven’t done enough long rides, but that’s OK.

How about you?

Super nervous - haven’t had the time to do long trail rides on the weekends either. I think my fitness and excitement are in a different place then the last two attempts (this is my third), not necessarily better or worse, just different.

Set out to do a 50 mile z2 ride on Saturday - flatted at mile 41 - spare tube failed, tire bead failed, phoned home for a bailout. :grin:

Did a trail ride yesterday 2k climbing, 14 miles, felt comfortable overall.

And got bit by a spider on my hand yesterday too. It’s a wonderful mix of black, purple and blue.

A nice thing about a 12 hour race is that you just have to do one lap to be a legitimate finisher! That’s my first goal. Real goal is 9 or 10 laps - I did 8 last year.

Be prepared for it to get hot in the afternoon. Current Bend forecast for Saturday is 97 (36). It will be a little cooler up at the race, but not much.

Hope that spider bite clears up quickly!

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Timely post from the coaches!


Nice. I will check it out.