RunGap App

What does it take to have SUF workouts export to RunGap App?

I’d really like to see this added as RunGap allows easy sync to a variety of services—Suunto & TrainingPeaks in particular.

Does RunGap collect workout data or just enable syncing workouts between services?

In the past I have used an iOS app called HealthFit to push workouts from Apple Health to various other sources. Of course this relies on the workouts being in Apple Health or recorded on a device that can write to Apple Health (Wahoo Elemnt). That said this app does allow you to import fit files directly into Apple Health, so whilst it is an extra process I can get pretty much anything imported and then pushed wherever required.

RunGap syncs data across services. It can import from a number of them and then export to the rest.

Right now, to sync SUF stuff with Suunto, I import from TrainingPeaks then push to Suunto. It includes workout data, such as power, GPS, and so on. In working across multiple platforms, I’ve found it to work nicely & effectively.