Sync with Apple Health

My feature request is short and simple: I would like to be able to Sync all my Sufferfest-Workouts with Apple Health.

I am planning on moving away from garmin, and I don’t like strava or training peaks. :slight_smile:


…hears crickets in this thread…

Wow, so much interest in this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:
Nobody here using iOS together with the native logging features? I doubt it.

Right now I export to Strava and then back to Apple Health to remedy this missing feature.


In my mind Strava is a de facto storage for all of your activities, think of it as your iCloud for activities. When they started I uploaded my previous history and I have activities going back to 2006. You can get that for free, I’d see no reason not to use it.
I completely understand it if you don’t like them, but that is fully integrated with Apple Health (which I am a big fan of) and the SF and many other services are also integrated with it (except TrainingPeaks, but they are a lost cause)
I’d rather see the minions spend their cycles on implementing export of outdoor, workouts and adding those workouts to the calendar. Possibly some type of implementation of training load (which is impossible without accounting all activities) etc.

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Hey there.

I use my Apple Watch in parallel with SUF - also use my Watch in parallel with my Wahoo Bolt.

The only reason I do that is that that is the only thing I have that is recognised by my health care provider.
I’d love for it all to happen based simply on activities going from the Wahoo or from the SUF app to something that then ‘counts/validates’. As it’s a faff sometimes if the watch isn’t picking up HR for any reason

I can see why that’s useful. Personally I dont though - would rather be independent of a platform like Strava.

Ps. The note about Training Peaks (I do use that so this is interesting to me). Why is that a lost cause? (I’m going to guess there are some issues with their calls or something?)

To my knowledge Strava does not allow direct export to TP. So if I record something in Strava (like anything from my Apple Watch, walk/run/paddle board) it won’t show in TrainingPeaks.
Also activity name, notes etc added in Strava won’t show up.
In fact even SUF is setup to export to Strava AND TrainingPeaks.
I’m an avid Xert user and my SUF workouts will show up in Xert without requiring a SUF->Xert sync, since it all works out thru Strava.

Feature request been lagging for 3 years. Sure is probably a Strava issue, not TP, but very discouraging they could not sort it out and result in a huge blow for athletes and coaches.

@ZenTurtle: Valid points. I can see your reasoning. Me personally, I want to be independent from strava, like @Martin mentioned.

A side-question: Do any of you manage to fill your apple watch move rings with strava uploads? And does the exercise time show up natively?
For me, it doesn’t work properly…

It does move activity rings for me. If anything there as the issue of double counting calories, since the watch also detected activity (even without recording a workout) and counted calories twice, but I think it has been resolved.

Make sure you have that “Send to Health” enabled.

I have this option enabled, thanks.

Please have a look at this screenshot out of the activity app:

My SUF workout -> to Strava -> to Apple Health shows up, logs move activity but no exercise activity. Even though the exercise activity TIME is shown (in green) - it was 01:26h.

Got you. Yes I see that use case
I guess this is one of the platform issues. We all have different use cases.
For example I never record anything using Strava. I remember years ago recording walks mins you.

More integration between them all and less ‘protecting their own platform’ would be better for the customer. It’s all about money though.

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As you were looking for responses to this thread rather than just crickets …

I have no interest in linking to Apple Health. Nor have I any interest in Strava.

Of course that’s just me and others may want it but, personally, I’d rather the Sufferfest spent time on other features and new videos than device integration in this way.

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I think the trick is that you need to have the Strava app open, at least in background on your phone. Did a 3hr Zwift ride 9-12AM (in California, can’t go out right now) and this is what shows in my Activity:

The synchronization happens between the app and iOS, I dont’ think they fetch remotely what is going on on the Strava server side.


I second your proposal, out of privacy concerns (more and more people are becoming aware of the lack of control they have over their data and choose local storage over the cloud).

In addition to this, it would be nice our weight to be updated on SUF profile right after recording a new entry in the Health app. Because that is what the Health is meant for: to act as a hub of all our health data.


Pulling in updated weight from Apple Health would be awesome. :+1:


I use an app called RunGap to get workouts from SUF into Apple Health. Been using it for about a year and it works great.


To much work :sweat_smile: That said, I used RunGap for exporting swimming from AW way back and their developer answered to one of the bug report I did and even offered money back, which I thought was awesome customer care since it seemed like a one man band.

Suf > Strava <> Apple Health kind of works for me