SYSTM direct integration with Apple Health

I was wondering why my bike ride and SYSTM activities have not been syncing to Apple Health via Strava. I reached out to Strava support and here’s what I got in response:

“We recently updated our Health Kit integration, which means only activities recorded directly with Strava (iPhone or Apple Watch app) will push to Apple Health. You will need to connect your 3rd party device directly to Apple Health moving forward or reach out to the 3rd party if an integration does not yet exist.”

So this is unfortunate as SYSTM does not integrate with Apple Health. How much of an effort is this to get SYSTM to integrate with Apple Health?

On the other hand, I could upload rides via Wahoo ELEMNT to Apple Health, so that’s good on that front.

[UPDATE] See article by DC Rainmaker on this:


I was wondering why it wasn’t working too. Thanks for sharing. Looks like I’ll have to send from Elemnt Bolt to Strava from now on.

I’m getting this too - Crappy move by Strava

Anyone know how else to get SYSTM workouts into Apple Health ?

Found a solution…
The Rungap app in the appstore will read all strava workouts and post them to Apple Health

Unfortunately this requires an in-app purchase - but I can confirm it works.

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Ach! Yeah, same issue and bad form from Strava. Thanks for the RunGap suggestion.

Dual record on another device or app that shares with Apple Health.

How do you use your Elemnt for indoor SYSTM workouts?

Drat, so that’s why my last two rides did not make it from Strava to health kit.

Wahoo, could you please add direct support to post SYSTM workouts to health kit? You’ve already done it with the basic Wahoo app. You might even be able to post from SYSTM to the wahoo app.

Thanks for posting this. I was trying to figure out why things suddenly weren’t pushing to Apple Health. I started using Strava to get Sufferfest workouts into Apple Health. Now it looks like I need to add another link in the chain?

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Start an indoor workout first on the ELMNT, then on the app so it can take control of the trainer.

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This was something that started with the Strava Beta testers a few years back. I record the workouts on my watch which seems to do the trick if I don’t forget.

Thank you. It worked!

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I can record the indoor cycle workout on my Apple watch, but it cannot estimate distance without the measures from the Kickr sensors. Do you know if there’s a way to manually add the distance to the workout?

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Thanks, that is what I did (and frequently forgot to do) before using Strava. Was back to that this weekend. Direct integration would be awesome!

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No, just HR on Apple Watch.

Any reason the app couldn’t integrate with Apple Health? My rides do from my ELEMNT. @David.McQuillen.KoS any plans to add this functionality?

My workaround for this was to use Garmin Connect. I had already set up SYSTM to share to GC and I gave GC priority over Strava to share and write data to Apple Health. Works as expected.

Edit: no need to dual record which I’d found a pita anyway and would only do for backup records or to compare data.

Would be good to hear someone from Wahoo chime in on this instead of crickets. SYSTM runs on iPhone as well, why not export activities to Apple Health?
And the long promised Wahoo Cloud, where are we with that?

To be fair, this is in the “feature requests” category and the title had nothing to do with Wahoo. I’ve just changed the title to reflect the OP’s intention. If I’m mistaken @madmac88, please let me know.

Edit: found an older similar request here, but that was before SYSTM and before Strava dropped the feature.

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LOL yes that was me in 2020, maybe if they’ve done it back then we wouldn’t be in this situation today…