Transferring Data

Is there a way I can transfer the training data from my Sufferfest sessions to my Polar Flow diary? As the Sufferfest calendar isn’t a diary it would be good to be able to hold all my training data in one place. Currently I run my HRM when I am doing a Sufferfest session then download that to my diary, but it only has my heart rate and other data, such as power and cadence aren’t available. Can anyone help?

I use Polar Flow (primarily for running) as well, and as far as I know there is no way to upload fit/tcx files to their service. :frowning: One of many small irritants that have crept up since I started using them.

As far as Sufferfest goes, you can set up email sharing and get them to send you the underlying workout files.

Since both Sufferfest and Polar Flow do not allow uploading of workout files, I simply do not use either as a complete training diary.

I have the same problem. I just start an indoor session on my polar vantage watch, and then add the cadence in later through Polar flow. It is annoying, but a lot of it is down to Polar, and the system they have in place.

Maybe you can have a look at the iOS App Rungap. You will not be able to directly sync from suf to polar but you might be able to do it via Strava.

Thanks for the feedback.

I use iOS RunGap to sync to Polar Flow. You can actually export the FIT file to iCloud and sync with RunGap from iCloud import folder of RunGap. Pretty straight forward.

The alternative you can also do and that I tested today, wear your Polar Vantage on the ride and pair it with your smart trainer. In my case, I paired my Polar Vantage V with my Kickr (v5) and my Tickr X HR strap. My Kickr (v5) was also connected to my PC running The Sufferfest and so was my Tickr X. Since I use Training Peaks to track fitness/fatigue/etc, I don’t normally bother with syncing stuff to Polar Flow. All roads lead to TP for my workout data (running, biking, strength, etc.)

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Thanks Sean, I’ll give that a try.