Running Videos and Sensor Pairing

I recently purchased the Runn treadmill speed sensor, and also have the Garmin FR945 with the Virtual Run feature. I tried pairing them to one of the running videos, but although it found and connected to both devices, it didn’t receive any speed data or allow me to start the virtual run session on my watch.

If this is not fully supported, is there a workaround? Otherwise, any plans to integrate running sensors into the app?

I would love to be able to follow a more structured approach to improving my running. I thought running on that other app was stupid until I tried the workouts with an accurate sensor. With a lot of run plans, and even with the Sufferfest multisport plans, I’m not always sure what my ideal pacing should be based on RPE or terminology (e.g. tempo, cruise, speed, etc.) The Sufferfest has made me a more knowledgeable cyclist over the years, but I’m still lacking this kind of insight into my run training.



Didn’t see this post until now … I inquired with the Minions about the Runn but it’s not supported yet and hadn’t been tested with the app yet.

I have a Stryd and use that, but the pace isn’t picked up from it, either. The app seems to want to assign a cycling speed level (above 20 km/h) for my power so that was also not too helpful.

As I and others have said in the past, the running workouts in The Sufferfest are there to tick a box to say the app caters to triathletes/ multisport athletes, but this would be a stretch, to say the least. (As much as I love The Sufferfest and have been a loyal subscriber.)

Not a running platform. :thinking: Zwift is far and away a superior running platform and it’s free.

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I have some foot pods (Runscribe Pro) that pretend to be bicycle powermeters. They work in Sufferfest. My running power and cycling power are quite different though, so I’m not sure how helpful it was. There was also the tendency to not stay running centrally when I was trying to read the power graphs.

I did consider trying adding a magnet to a treadmill belt so a standard bike speed sensor could transmit speed but I never found one flat enough to not be annoying.

You could quite easily use an Arduino, a white stripe and an optical sensor trick a cycle speed sensor quite easily, but I never got round to it. Even bought a (very cheap) microphone so I could get cadence from the bangs to the treadmill.