More running videos please

More running videos please. The library of 3 videos is small, old and needs expansion.
Also bring back footage for Chrysalis even if it is different footage please


Do you actually watch the videos? I find I drift on the treadmill. I’d prefer some “no-vid” equivalents. Easier to do too.

Yes. The video is the only thing that pushes me through. Watching the elites run inspires me to push with them. It also remindes me mid effort to focus on form - just watching their beautiful form.

I also love the music that relates to the effort level

I’d love more run videos, although I don’t have access to a treadmill at the moment …

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+1 for the running videos.
At the same time I‘d like Wahoo to release a TREADML so I don’t have to go outside. :grin:


This! I’d love for Wahoo to release a treadmill! Way back when, Wahoo tried to sell an adapter (GymConnect) for treadmills to perform trainer control from a device or app but the standard they relied on wasn’t commonly used enough, especially by Icon, who own many of the best biggest brands in treadmills. Wahoo Fitness Announces GymConnect: Treadmill integration & control | DC Rainmaker

All that being said, I’ve got to put in my two cents on running in The Sufferfest…

  1. they’re incompatible with 4DP but are still power-based. If you have a Stryd, you have to enter your critical power as your FTP to execute the workout. But then your power numbers may skew your training history in the app if, as is the case for me, my running power is much higher than my cycling power
  2. there’s a lack of variety (as pointed out in this thread) in videos and the existing workouts fit into the “old-school” model in The Sufferfest of only very high intensity workouts, which is is even less sustainable in running than in cycling. Why not throw in some NoVids (good idea from another poster here!) with some easier workouts to create a more balanced approach? From what I can tell, this has been the approach to round out the cycling training plans to balance intensity in the training mix to a more reasonable level. The running progression and training mix exists already in the triathlon plans, after all. They are entirely manual. NoVids could resolve this gap.

As usual, I’ll point out that I’m a long-time The Sufferfest subscriber and am super-happy with the platform, and want The Sufferfest to succeed but running has long been abandoned on the platform except from a marketing perspective and in the multi-sport plans.


The treadmill videos are just for the short hard stuff. Long stuff is for the outside.
More short/hard interval running videos please :running_man:

Y’know, I could really go for running audios.

Hear me out.

You could create a running-style 4DP with information drawn from a given runner’s smart watch. Direct runners to go a local track, put 'em through a workout, and capture 100-yd, quarter mile, half mile, and mile splits. Use these numbers to build workouts for various distance and speed goals. Be the voice in the runner’s ear: “Speed up, slow down, all out, baa.” Heck, you could even capture each runner’s specific cadence, then sync electronic music not only to that cadence, but to the cadence targets of the workout.

My next fitness goal is to get faster off the bike. This would be a great way to keep people like me on the platform during running season.

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It would be like college running all over again… coach riding the bike, appearing out of nowhere, telling us to run faster/slower/stop talking like that/calling out mile splits…


Yes I watch the videos

It would be great if we could manually input our running pace so that for each interval we have targets that appear on the screen rather that power targets from the bike. Also I would want to be able to select a min/km format rather than min/mile format (but you could have both units)


There are many running apps available now. There is a great guide on them here how to build a runkeeper app

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