Screen datafield font size. Smaller please

Hey. There are three selectable sizes for font size in the workout settings. There is little practical difference between the three in the Windows app (IDK about iOS). I’d like a small font half the size of the current smallest setting.


Fully agree

+1 for this from me too.

Thanks for that input. We’re currently working on a redesign of our workout player and this is one of the things we’re looking at. It’s not going to happen soon, but it’s on our radar.


Nice! While you’re at it, make it possible to show both power and HR on the graph at the same time. Some might want cadence too, but I’d be happy with just W and BPM.

Also, putting the 10 second progress bars at the end of an interval over the current rather than upcoming target got some votes. However, that might freak out some users accustomed to how they work now.