Put elapsed time, interval time, and time to end even with data fields

When watching a 3rd party vid using the floating frame, I like to move the graph off the bottom of the screen so only the HR, Power, and Cadence data fields show. That also moves the time fields off the bottom so I can’t see them. If they were even with the data fields, I could see them along with the data while the graph was off the bottom of the screen.

I also move that letter box screen but to a point where I can only see half of the timers. 2’s and 3’s get me every time and I usually have extra 10’s thereby.

Sliding the timers up in line with the main metrics would help.

My thoughts would be to (toggle button for those that do and those that don’t) make that whole letterbox screen in a ghost format.

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Good suggestion. This kinda dovetails with my other suggestion to make the smallest selectable data field font size significantly smaller than it is, which isn’t much smaller than the largest selectable size.

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