Option to turn off power graph and make the metric font size even smaller

The tips for Inspiration videos suggest turning off all the metrics to remove the overlay and focus on the film, but you can’t turn off the power graph.

Yep there’s a blue line. I get it. I would much rather see my current power, cadence, and heart rate numbers and targets than watch the green line match the blue line.

This option would also be appreciated in the mini player and other workouts. Personally, I ride the no-vid workouts in the mini player over Zwift. The Sufferfest’s workouts are better than Zwift’s workouts, and it’s more like riding outside to keep Zwift in sim mode, set my trainer difficulty to 30% and try to keep my power in the right zone given the current terrain. I would like much of the screen real estate back.

Similarly, the ability to set the font size on the metrics smaller than the smallest setting would help as well.

I so want the option to be able to turn off the graph and timers. And have a smaller metric font. Will keep banging those drums whenever I get the chance. :+1:


Fits right into this „new“ concept I‘m trying for myself.
I‘m pretty sure the minions already know about this request.

I would love to have an option to show the metrics in a smaller size too :white_check_mark:

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I’m all for this, for the recovery/inspiration vids all I want is the current cadence and I’ll let ERG do the rest. Unfortunately showing just cadence takes up the same screen space as showing all metrics so dropping the graph would be a good idea.