Progress bars for power and cadence are wrong, IMO

Small thing, but IMO, the progress bars for power and cadence that signify upcoming changes in a workout should be over the current power and cadence, not the upcoming power and cadence. I’d expect the bars to pop up over the current power or cadence showing the current power/cadence is coming to and end and progress toward the upcoming power or cadence. In any software I’m familiar with, progress bars show the progress of what’s currently happening. I noticed this when I first started using SYSTM. Now, after 9 weeks of doing workouts almost every day, the current bars still seem off to me.

Kinda doubt it will change at this point, and it’s not really a big deal in the scheme of things, but whack the knuckles of the UI guy that came up with this.

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You clearly sandbagging your numbers if you are looking at the screen :wink:

It doesn’t/hasn’t perturbed my aura and I have no affliction to where it should be.


While I can see what you’re saying, I’ve been here since the first SUF app and have never thought of these as “progress” bars and have always thought of them as countdown timers for what is coming up rather than how many seconds are left in what you are currently doing. I say this because they only show up, usually, when there’s 10 seconds (or less) until the next target change. And, they’re colour coded red for going down and green for going up.

I realize that while it is sorta kinda the same thing it would actually throw me off to see them over the current power and cadence targets.

In the new app, there is now a greyed out block over the entire interval that is actually the “progress” bar as it gets smaller as the interval progresses.


But they’re not progress bars, they’re count-down bars and in that context, it makes complete sense for them to be shown over the forthcoming rather than the current power / cadence number (IMO).


For me it also acts a visual key - it pulls my attention to the new numbers, which is what I care about with < 10seconds to go.

And when I say “attention”, I mean “eye sight away from my stem for a split second”. Let’s not get in to thinking that my attention is anywhere else.


Yep. When the power or cadence lights up to signify an upcoming change, I’d prefer that it pulls my attention to the current power/cadence which is what I’m trying to maintain as it proceeds right and leads to the upcoming number. That just continues to make more sense to me and seems more natural, even after 9 weeks of daily workouts with it as it is.

I’m familiar with the progress bar in the graph and using it to fast forward or back when paused.

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Interesting how different people’s brains work hey? I think it makes sense the way it is and that it wouldn’t make as much sense, to me, the way you describe it (though I see where you’re coming from).

That said, fwiw, I could see it working your way too where the countdown timer functions as a countdown of what you are currently doing rather than a countdown to when the increase/decrease change will come.

I think my head just prefers it the way it is now.


You ever notice how that 10 second countdown seems to slow down the harder the current interval is?

Yup. And how it speeds up on those recovery intervals! :joy:

What gets me is the ones that speed up/slow down intentionally as I attempt to count off in my head when I need to shift to hit the interval and the count is off so I’m either early it late to the interval.

So far I’ve seen them speed up for very short cadence intervals, but the slowing down has been all in my head.


I’ve also thought of these as countdown bars, and they work for me where they are on the new power and/or cadence target.

I think the feature request could be to add a preference option to have the progress/countdown bar appear on the current power/cadence target instead of the new power/cadence target. That way we can each choose what works best for us.

Isn’t that the same with hard intervals?

A 1 minute max effort seems to take a lot longer than a 10 minute tempo/endurance effort.
It is relativistic tie dilation, after all, the faster you go, the more time slows down. :slight_smile:

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Isn’t tie dilation what happened to men’s fashion in the 70s?

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I will leave it uncorrected so people will (hopefully) get the humor.

I remember the 70s very well.

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