Seeking coach advice

I have been following the Fitness Kick-Starter plan for several weeks and am right at the end of the programme with the last week to go (with 4DP at the end).

Yesterday, I sold my WB Atom and have bought a KICKR Bike as a replacement… my question is what your advice would be for me to maintain the progress that I’ve made until the new steed arrives (don’t know when yet) and I complete my plan.

I have a dumb trainer and my road bike that I can use to keep myself ticking over for a short while.

Sir David

No comment other than the Atom didn’t last long!

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I was struggling to get a stable ERG Sir James. It’s a great piece of kit in level mode but I was finding ERG really frustrating and, in 3.5 months not seeing much commitment to fix it. I was also getting Bluetooth dropouts that might or might not have been the Atom.

No response from WB support.

Resale values gave me an opportunity to sell-on to a lovely guy who will be delighted with it and to help towards cost of a Kickr Bike.


I"m not sure which coach is patrolling the Forum this week – might be Sir @Coach.Rupert.H or Sir @Coach.Jeff.H

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Hey Dave,

As a continuation of your plan, I would hold off doing the Full Frontal until you get your new KICKR Bike as then the numbers will be consistent for you going forward and training on the the same equipment.

In the meantime, I would recommend either of these depending on how much you like using your dumb trainer:

  • All in for Cyclists (4 weeks)
  • Tempo building blocks (3 or 4 weeks)

When you have your new setup sorted, I would then switch back for the Full Frontal prep week and you will be back on your way :slight_smile:


Wrong answer. He should do Revolver every day. Twice on days that end in y. :smiling_imp:


@Coach.Rupert.H - thank you, you are a nice helpful man

Sir @JamesT - you are not


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