When to get a coach? What to do in the meantime

Hi all,

last time I used the programme, Covid was unheard of, I had 2 natural hips and I could fit inside my jeans without inhaling…sadly those days are gone.

Back end of last year I had my hip replaced (i’m 37) which stopped me doing much both before and after.

Wife and I have gotten into a slump and decided cycling would be a good release, I’d used sufferfest before and we thought predominantly turbo based training would be ideal as we have a young child so staying home works well for us.

We started with Zwift but I quickly remembered how much I didn’t like it and have just started a 2 week trial with Wahoo and working through the 14 day trial plan.

didn’t quite manage day 1, got 35mins out of the 44, but i’m taking it as a step in the right direction anyway, need to get back into a groove after so long away from exercise of any kind.

Now, prior to the hip, I was doing Judo and Karate and I really miss it!! so i’ve made the decision to get into BJJ which is mostly groundwork, so a little easier on the hip (no kicks and less getting chucked on the floor!) But I can’t start till mid August.

I want to use this time to really work on my strength and conditioning. I don’t want to be a great cyclist, but I enjoy cycling and with a replacement hip it’s a whole lot better than running.

So I wondered what I should be looking at after the 14 days is up. I want to plan my Calander. I want to really push so that once I can get back into martial arts in 2 months I’m ready to work and get the most out of it.

Once I get back on the matt, I then want to support that training with S&C and continue to progress.

so, coach? no coach? suggested plans?

@Hudson1984 first welcome to the forum.

I can’t really speak to what plans might be best as I have always designed my own. But I have had a hip replacement so I can share a bit of my experience.

I was hit by a car while cycling and had two surgeries, the second being a full hip replacement. I am much older than you (read decades) so I hope the fact that I could come back from that gives you some encouragement.

At first it was just time in the saddle. Cycling was the first real exercise I was allowed to do. Just get on the bike and spin. Listen to your body. As an athlete you know the difference between a little soreness and pain. If you feel pain, shut it down and live to fight another day.

Once I got some time in, my effort was definitely more endurance focused. Maybe that is something you should consider when looking at the plan options. Do the more rest options, 2/1 over 3/1.

Getting some advice more qualified than I is a very good idea. I was fortunate that my orthopedic surgeon was both an event doctor at our local triathlons and also a former college cyclist. He was a great resource for how to train and what the limits were. So to your first question, get a coach sooner than later but definitely one that has had experience with joint replacement recovery.

Good luck and keep us informed on how you are doing.

I started off with Zwift’s base builder before I found SYSTM (last August) and did a pre-built training.

In late October, I went for a customized SYSTM training plan and met with a Wahoo coach twice. I felt that the pre-built plan was meant for a general person and not specifically for me or for my goals. Plus, having a coach to keep me accountable was a big bonus in keeping me consistent.

But by January 2022, I felt I needed more and knew more about what my goals for 2022 would be (and 2023). I wanted to make sure I wasn’t over or under training and that the training I was doing was the right training to get a sub-6hr century.

So for me, it made sense to go with an actual coach. I have two, actually, one for cycling and one for cycling-specific strength training (more functional core). Even though most of the dialog is through a chat in Truecoach or TrainingPeaks, I think the one-on-one aspect and micro changes based on how I feel or do during a workout are great.

Both come with a cost, of course, but at 49yo, I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been, and with 2-weeks to go before my next 100-miler, I’m pretty dialed in and happy with my pacing!

(The strength/core training is with a group that also focuses on physical therapy so might be a good fit - not trying to promote anything or not, but https://www.socalbikept.com/ is who I started with.)

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