Outdoor rides and SYSTM (long ride)

I was wondering if there is a limit to how big an outdoor can be before SYSTM won’t display it. I’ve done smaller rides around 150km in length and shows in the SYSTM software as it should. I’d like to point out here that I have a BOLT head unit.

But for the Around the Bay ride that I completed on Sunday (210km) almost nothing is being shown about the ride. Theres no cadence, speed, heart rate, or even a map like there would normally be. Instead all I get is Duration, Distance and Time.

Its no biggie if I can’t get it to display, has anyone else encountered this?

Sorry, I’ve not seen this. I completed a Century (160km) a couple weeks ago, recorded on the Elemnt app and imported/displayed to Systm and it captured all metrics.

Any chance one or more of your sensors died during the ride without you realizing it?

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@Marty Is the problem in SYSTM or do you also not see the ride data in the Element Companion App or the Wahoo Fitness App?


Data shows in the companion app as well as showing normally on strava after syncing. About the only thing that I have noticed is that the cadence had dropped out around 100km into the ride.

The SYSTM app on my phone as well as my laptop just won’t show the ride properly. Not exactly willing to go out and do another 230km ride at the moment to confirm the issue … lol


@Marty Definitely share it with support. They might have more insight.

Was kinda hoping that someone else might have done a similarly big ride to see if they had a similar experience. Ah well I’ll follow up with support to see if they have any solutions. I’ll update here once I have been through that process.

Hi @Marty ,

Nice work on finishing ATB!

I have a ride from July (196 km, 12 hours+) that is showing up fine in SYSTM. It was a 12 hour MTB race, so the GPS track repeats itself multiple times, but the data all looks fine to me. Another non-lap ride in June (146 km, 7:17) also looks fine. I’ve attached screenshots of those rides from SYSTM.

12 hour MTB race (multiple laps)

Non-lap race