Rpm pr

Is there a place in the Sufferfest APP that holds on to data for your highest RPM? I’ve completed Cadence Builds multiple times and want to see if this is my highest ever documented RPM.


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Hey, unfortunately right now the easiest way to do this by going to your passport and activities. you can search for cadence builds and look through the workout stats for max rpm.

Sorry there isn’t an easier way to do this right now.


Would it be possible to add max cadence to badass power records perhaps? Slightly misplaced, I agree, but would make it easy to find.

It does not appear like huge amounts of work to do it either, but having very little programming experience I may definitely be wrong on that.


Cadence sensors can’t capture even close to Max so not really any point imo. I ended up using a camera to work it out (~240) which is much faster than my cadence sensor picks up (~140)

240, wow! :flushed:

What kind of sensor do you have? My old garmin sensor appears to give readings up to 190 rpm at least. I guess I need to try speeding up those legs up even more to see if it can handle it.

Wahoo cadence sensor is my normal one.
I also have The one built into the bkool pro trainer -less accurate / responsive, but tops out about 180. I only use it for Max cadence efforts because it’s too laggy.

I don’t know If the value is correct but my Wahoo “Cadence” and the “Speed and Cadence” Sensors both show up to 202 rpm which is my record so far.

The Kickr v4 doesn’t go that high I think 160 was the highest it got and since it is also quite laggy I disabled it and prefer a dedicated Cadence sensor.