Sharing with Strava remains status in progress

Hi, somehow a workout I did on my Wahoo Kickr where I registered the workout on my mobile phone via the Wahoo Fitness App this remains in status syncing with Strava ‘In progress’… Is there anyway to upload the workout to strave in another way? I already removed strava as an autorized app, and logged out of the wahoo fitness app and signed in again and try to manually force to sync however it keeps in this status… If I create a new workout, this is synced correctly…

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I’m having the same issue this morning. Did you find a fix?

I’ve been occasionally experiencing this issue on the iPad SYSTM app recently (last few weeks) with TrainingPeaks.

No matter how long I leave the app open, it continues to just say Sync Pending or In Progress or similar.

For me, if I force-close the SYSTM app and then re-open, that has seemed to do the trick and it will sync with TrainingPeaks. ( :fist_right: :wood:)