Simultaneous Activities?

Hello, is it possible to log into a different device and run mental strength while doing a recovery ride on a different device? Thanks!

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First, welcome to the forums @denvercx and yes. You should absolutely be able to do that.


Thank you @Glen.Coutts! Loving the switch to SYSTM from Zwift.


Nice to hear @denvercx. I’ve been using The Sufferfest, now SYSTM, training vids since 2015 and have never turned back. I found Zwift great for group riding and some hill climbing sims and such but I always found training on there mindnumbingly boring.

While, you’ll often find the answers to questions by a simple search,
don’t hesitate to pop in to the forums anytime and fire away! Loads of people on here and the coaches often weigh in too.

Have you signed up for the Tour yet? More info on that here:

If you decide to sign up (you should sign up :slight_smile: ) there’s more detailed info here:


Thanks @Glen.Coutts for the warm welcome. I used Sufferfest in the early days when you had individually purchase and download each workout! I still have a dozen of those original videos.

I liked some of the races on Zwift, but it’s kind of childish and a bit too gamified for me (I was an early adopter of that as well).

So far, I am really enjoying becoming more well-rounded with adding more yoga and strength training to the cycling SYSTM.

Also, thanks for the invite, but I usually can’t complete these sorts of tours since my hospital call schedule and daily patient load are so unpredictable, but I’ll check it out again. Good foundation to give a little money to anyway, as a Coloradan.


Well, as a Sufferlandrian old or new, you can never leave. :sunglasses:

Like Tours of yore, you’ve got a 50 hour window to complete each stage. It’s all fun, except for all the parts that aren’t fun.



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