Something that would make the ProRides better

I just finished my second ProRide. They are a nice change of pace. But something jumped out at me that I think if done differently would make the rides more informative.

I did Hammer Chase 1 and there were several places where you are riding pretty hard and then drop down to 30% of FTP or some similarly easy watts. When that happened your heart rate zone target dropped to what that rate might be if all you were doing was cruising along at that easy pace.

The reality is, nobody pushing along in Zone 5 is going to drop down in to Zone 1 in the 15 seconds you are freewheeling.

I know the watts targets for you are a similar relative value to your FTP as the rider. I think it would be very interesting to know how their heart rate was fluctuating with the same relative effort. How quickly do they recover and what Zone they are in. I don’t need t know their heart rate, just what zone they are in.

Just a thought.