Songs of Sufferlandria

There is a somg towards the end of Team Scream. it is called Pilgrimmage by Arena. I am in the United States, and I can not find this song anywhere or even any reference to the band. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. That song helps me get through that workout and I want a copy of it.

Thanks a bunch

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same request - by you :wink: - and solved by Coach Rupert?


Well thats embarassing. I not only forgot that I asked this question before, but I missed that response. Thanks for the redirect.


Ooops. Lol!!

I hope this doesn’t mean you’ve avoided riding Team Scream between last October and now too :wink:


It does not. I have ridden it a few times over the winter.

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There’s music in Team Scream?

It’s truly one of my favourite workouts, but it’s immersive enough I could quite happily believe it was as music deficient as Norway, you’re so focused on the wheel in front and the voice in your ear…


Ha. Yes there is. I dont pay much attention to it until close to the end of the final lap.

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