Team Scream

Been working in the app since 11/4. Is it wrong that I LOVE Team Scream?

Also sidebar question: other than the changing power metrics due to 4DP/FF, does any other variable change in the training plan/videos? I did Team Scream for the second time last weekend, as part of the ToS prep program, and it felt like there was something different from the previous time. Guess I’m not sure how many variables could be changed within a static video format, but curious.


It is totally my favourite workout. Sometimes if I’m feeling a bit down about how things are going. I just smash through team scream and everything seems good in the world again.


Hi @CPT_A ! Team Scream is a classic for sure! Metrics like HR Zone will change with testing as well but nothing will change in the app without you doing Full Frontal or Half Monty first.


No, it just means that you are a Sufferlandrian.


If you raise your FTP over 280w you have to do an extra long pull in the front just before the end. :wink: :sunglasses:

If it’s wrong, who would want to be right?

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Not wrong at all! Team Scream is such an immersive workout. The onboard footage combined with the efforts is a great concept, and works so well.


And if you love Team Scream, just wait till you ride Norway…


Really looking forward to suffering Norway! Very exciting stuff. Thanks for all your efforts.

I was :frowning: when I swapped from intermediate → advanced volume on the ToS prep plan and Team Scream got dropped from my plan, but I’m going to add it in somewhere this week instead. :slight_smile:

Also hoping for great things from Norway.

If DoS hadnt been encouraging me along i pro bably, might have bailed. But that voice just made me shout “come on you guys!” At the TV…#InTheZone


I have reached my record for highest heart rate for an indoor ride, at the end of Team Scream.

I can’t wait to ride to Norway.



“Keep up the pace, intern. You’re looking strong!”



I just rode Team Scream yesterday. As we crossed the line, I lifted my arms in a victory salute and shouted “Woooooooo!” It gives me chills, it’s so good. Challenging, immersive, and as I told a friend: “The most fun I have ever had in ERG mode.” :fire: :fire: :fire:


“We stay aero guys, we stay aero”


I wanted to give up several times but didn’t. I kept eyeing that last long pull in fear but when the time came I kept up the pace.

The toughest part for me was the almost total lack of real recovery. Have a feeling I’m going to be revisiting this one over and over so I can teach my body that it can recover from hard efforts while still riding at tempo.

Sadly after the ride I had to wash my own chammy.


This thread really makes me look forward to next time I will do team scream. Loved it the first time, and as I am looking to improve my TT position I will try to stay deep aero for the duration next time.


I’ve been Suffering for about 4 years. IMO Team Scream is the most fun workout - you actually feel like you are in a race. In most workouts I have 1 eye on the power constantly while trying not to look at the time left too frequently. Totally different experience with Team Scream!


No joke, the first time I rode TS, I zoned out so badly that I got a little bit of vertigo doing a turn (specifically at the roundabout) and felt like I was going to lay down my bike. Of course I was straight up-and-down, locked safely into my trainer. If I’d been on rollers, like back in the day…

I still find myself leaning into turns on occasion.