For anyone not already aware, some of the workout playlists are on Spotify. Seems Sir McQuillen has been busy curating. Would love to see a comprehensive list at some point. Some of these are absolute gold.


Agreed - here is the link to the playlists:

Sufferfest on Spotify

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I use this topic as I believe it is fitting.
I love SUF but my taste of music is slightly different so I usually have my own playlists.
However I think it might be fun to listen to other Sufferlandrians playlists.
I start with sharing my current go to list for suffering. Its called Full Frontal :joy: (hope I m allowed to call it like that :wink:)

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Decided to convert The Sufferfest Everything playlist to Apple Music.

A few songs missing but most are there in all their driving/pounding/suffering glory.



This is awesome. Thanks for this!