ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬ Spring Loaded Challenge!

Hello Sufferlandrians!

It’s my pleasure to officially announce the Spring Loaded Challenge, a 30 day challenge fit for all Sufferlandrians.

Oh, and did I mention we’re giving away two Wahoo ELMNT Rival multi-sport watches? Complete the challenge, earn the badge, get entered to win one of two Rival watches!

When does the challenge start?
Monday, May 17th.

What’s involved?
Complete sessions from the SUF mental training, strength training, and yoga library to earn the Spring Loaded Challenge badge and a chance to win one of two Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Multi-Sport watches.

Who’s it for?
Whether you’re looking for something new to swing into Spring or you’re right in the middle of a training bloc, the Spring Loaded Challenge has something for you! Our coaches have programmed several different training plans to suit your needs and guide you through the Challenge.

How do I learn more?
Easy - get started here.

Have fun!


This sounds good! Looking forward to it.

Looking through the plans on via the website, there didn’t seem to be any difference between the ‘Currently on a Plan’ and ‘Not on a Plan’ for the ‘MTP + Yoga’ plan. That observation applies to both the Beginner and Intermediate levels.

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But it’s autumn down here!! :roll_eyes:

Noticed it’s not on the Challenge Dashboard? https://app.thesufferfest.com/challenges

Is this complete the planned workout within the 50 hour window challenge or complete all the planned workouts between 17-May and 16-June challenge?

Also the the banner be updated in the OS X app and on the forum to reflect the challenge?


This looks great, it will be good to give some of the mental training a go!

So we can pick any of the plans listed and earn the badge? I have just applied the MTP and Yoga to my calendar ready to start tomorrow :grin:

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@ErickT Saw this post from Rebecca and it gave me the impression they are moving away from the dashboard.

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From @Coach.Jeff.H who programmed the plans:

They are similar, but there are a few different yoga sessions. The difference between the MTP beginner and intermediate levels is the addition of breathing sessions on the intermediate tier.

The first one, but it’s quite a light plan, so there’s a lot of elasticity to getting it done.

OS X app :white_check_mark:
Forum - I’ll see what I can do

You betcha Sir!

Correct - thanks @JSampson


Thanks for the feedback @gpsjared . Unless I’m missing something (quite possible!) I still don’t see any difference between the ‘Currently on a Plan’ and ‘Not on a Plan’ selections for the ‘MTP + Yoga’ option. I’ve attached a set of screenshots showing what I see via the web interface. The text at the very top (not included in the screenshots) does change as expected.

Beginner, Currently on a Plan

Beginner, Not on a Plan

Intermediate, Currently on a Plan

Intermediate, Not on a Plan

I’ll make sure @Coach.Jeff.H jumps in on this one, I’m not 100% across this myself I’m afraid

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It’s always sunny in Sufferlandria


Where can you see the 50hrs window? Usually with the old challenges dashboard you could see where each “day” started and ended. Now I don’t see those info in the calendar.


Does it have to be the specified strength session to get the badge? I’m between int 4 and 5, I don’t want to drop back to 1A…?


This looks great! It looks like my country and others are not eligible to win the watch. I know I should participate without a ‘reward’ to cheer me on, just hoping in the next challenge you can include us living in the more ‘distant’ countries.

Have fun everyone!

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Hi Simone - I’m not too sure about the technical reasons, but the team decided to move away from the Challenge Dashboard. The official guidance is that if you complete all the programmed activities on your training plan within the 30 day window you’ll earn the badge and qualify for the Rival draw. If you’re concerned about over-extending yourself, add the ‘MTP Only’ option and stick with those for the next 30 days.

The goal of the Challenge is to be low stress for the SUF community - less about the rules and more about the act of engaging with the enriching content (yoga, strength and MTP). The whole team in on-board with this philosophy, so if there is any app-side friction with receiving the badge/a prize entry, myself or the customer service team are prepared to intervene (and that applies for all participants).

Good to go? :slight_smile:

Add the “MTP Only” option and you won’t have to switch up your strength training routine :smiley:

Sorry about that! If you want, send me a private message with your country and I’ll verify with the legal team whether your country was excluded in error.


Wow, have signed up, but just realized my country is not on the list either. Motivation for every current training plan I am on is starting to fade away…

I never saw currently on a plan. Probably me!

What a show that would be!


Thanks a lot for the clarification @gpsjared this spares me the guesswork if I was within the 50 hour window yesterday which is still mentioned in the Challenge. The Sufferfest App only states “Completed 26 May 2021” and does not list a time.

But it is still slightly annoying to figure out which session one still has to do if life got in the way.
All missed Sessions are grey and no longer color coded from the Training plan. Now one has to go to the Training Plans Section to see which are important for the Challenge. I hope I’ll get it right :slight_smile:

I also don’t know why “Hip Openers I” is orange since I “only” paused it for a few hours before I could complete the last 2 Minutes of it because I got interrupted by my kids.

Thanks for the awesome Challenge I finally got Strength Training in which I wanted to do but failed miserably. This was exactly what I needed.
My next training plan will start with Strength Training in from the get go.

Great feedback on the compliance colours, the team are currently testing improvements to the Calendar, so expect a big improvement there.

As for the activity marked orange, it seems the activity only shows 2 minutes and not the entire workout. Possibly a bug worth discussing with customer service.