Wahoo X November Challenge - The Sufferfest

Sufferlandria awaits.

Our original indoor training content category, The Sufferfest, is known for its intense and challenging workout videos that simulate real cycling conditions - including climbs, sprints, and time trials. Supported with thrilling footage, engaging storylines, and epic soundtracks, these workouts are designed to push cyclists to their limits, both physically and mentally. Go back to the legendary workouts that started it all in the November Wahoo X Challenge.

For those seeking an even greater challenge, take on all four workouts in a single day for a chance to win exclusive Sufferlandrian swag!

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You have all month to complete these 4 workouts:

  1. Getting Away With It
  2. The Model
  3. Half is Easy
  4. Team Scream

You can also load the training plan:

For more information about the challenge

  1. Visit our webpage
  2. Challenge FAQ Page

Please note, to earn your badge you must complete the indoor SYSTM version of the workout.

For those who aren’t familiar with The Sufferfest, we’ve put together some quick facts to help you adjust to this new world. While Sufferlandrians love “Suffering”, they know that the key to success is their dedication to a balanced training plan that allows for rest and recovery.


Given I’ve failed to even start the last 2 challenges, I better get this one done or they’ll revoke my Sufferlandrian citizenship.

Thanks for keeping this going Sir @Rupert.H

Nice gentle start then a punch in the face, a bunch of kicks in the groin then an hour of butts in your face.

Now that said, that’s a very VERY sad state of All Things Sufferlandria. Please resurrect something with more oooomph. You can do it. I have faith. :pray:


Well, 2 of those are not KOS approved, and only one of them is in my upcoming KOS playlist. So it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me this month.

Just like GvA planned it, I’m sure. #evillaugh


4 in a day for extra swag? :thinking:
That’s like, a mini KoS quest… let’s call it SoS for Squire of Sufferlandria and for the state I’ll be in when I’m done…
Count me in!
Though, while I love Team Scream, it’s not really a classic that started it all… it’s a pretty recent one, but already a classic.


4 in a day for A CHANCE OF extra swag


Well, no. The guaranteed extra swag is pain, misery and agony. I’m sure they can throw in some suffering too. :sweat_smile:.


Looking forward to suffering for a chance at Sufferlandria swag!
Do the 4 rides have to be completed within 24 hours, or the same calendar day?

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Good question… if it were to be within 24hrs, that means you can do 2 on a given day, sleep a good long night and do the other 2 the next day. Not much of a “4 during the same day”.
So I’d say, calendar day.


Clicking on your link for the training plan results in an error message on both my Android phone and my Windows PC

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Works for me. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Four rides in one day! Whats that 350-400 TSS?

Yeah, yinz (for folks not from western Pennsylvania thats “you’ns”/ “you all” / “ya’ll”) have hit your head more than I have.


So no Knighthood quest for you then, I take it? :wink:


To quote my father…

That dog dont hunt.

I think the odds of me becoming a Knight are similar to perhaps some here doing Defender, which is my 2nd favourite, back to back with Team Scream, my favourite AND then doing an hour of yoga. :wink:


@Rupert.H - Do the four workouts have to be done in the listed order (GAWI > Model > HiE > TS) in the same day to qualify for the chance to win SUF swag, or can they be done in any order, so long as all 4 get done? And, do they have to be done at 100% (not that I’d do anything less - just wondering)?
Looking forward to some SUFFERING! :+1: :hot_face:

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Tell me more about said swag


Haha, to determine if the suffering worth it? :sweat_smile:

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Lovely challenge!


I was hoping for a SUF challenge one day (or rather one month to be precise) but are you sure this reasonably tame workout collection is really GvA approved? a rather tame start, not one of the classics like Downward Spiral or HHNF or the likes, two shorties that are great if you don’t have much time but as part of a Sufferlandrian Challenge? come on, blink and you’ll miss it. imho Team Scream is the only ride that really fits the occasion. other than that, I’m really disappointed


Well, the goal of this is not to placate die hard Sufferlandrians, but to introduce Couchlandrians to the Suf way.
GAWI is a perfect introduction, with its gentle music and funny narrative.
The Model is a fairly recent workout, but it’s engaging.
Half is Easy, yeah, don’t care about this one.
Team Scream is amazing and a great conclusion to the challenge.

So overall, even if I hear you and as a Sufferlandrian I would have expected things like Fight Club, 9 hammers, The Downward Spiral or The Shovel, I thing for a general audience, it’s nice.


it’s nice, absolutely. that’s the problem I’m having. I like the workouts as such, I just don’t like calling this combination a Sufferlandrian Challenge because imo that’s just not what it is. and there have already been monthly challenges harder than this one. I’m just not convinced…