Squeaky Wheel Syndrome!

Hi everyone, i am new to the Sufferfest forum and got started “suffering” in November. Actually my love for Sufferfest goes back several years when they sold downloadable videos online.

I suffer from “Squeaky Wheel Syndrome” or SWS, and have been trying to get the damn thing to run a little quieter. The one solution i have found is the wipe my back wheel down with alcohol before a training ride which helps for a short while.

I wonder if folks could share tips and tricks they have to help with SWS…

Hmm, I’ve no advice for you, but note that I hate the little bump I get on my kickr snap when my tube valve passes over the roller. I’ve tried tightening the nut down and loosening it, but doesn’t seem to matter.

Would also welcome any advice.

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Wheel or tyre?

I have no advice for a squeaky wheel other than to ensure that the bearings and free hub are well maintained.

For a squeaky (trainer) tyre, I found that rubbing it down with WD40 did the trick. Then I just went and bought a new trainer tyre.

I always talc (baby powder) my inner tubes and inside of my tyres. Last time I changed a puncture I spilled some on the outside of the tyre, I didn’t think twice as its not a problem riding outside it gets worn off almost immediately, however indoors I found it made all the squeaking on the trainer-roller go away and also all the friction which led to some comedy wheel spinning sprints until after I wiped it down with a wet rag.

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Where is the squeak coming from? My trainer was starting to squeak a week ago and I realized I hadn’t lubed my chain in a long time. I cleaned and lubed my chain and now it feels like a dream and eliminated the squeaks.


Funny how that works. :wink:

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