Stage 7 Epilogue: Come Ride Alpe du Zwift

Some of you may know that Sir Fran Hayes has planned a virtual Everesting to be completed between Stage 6 and 7 of this year’s Tour. Yes, that’s right, BETWEEN THEM. He’s taking advantage of the 50 hour window to throw in a little extra suffering and he’ll finish Stage 7 on Sunday, UK time.

While he doesn’t hang out in the forums at all, wouldn’t it be a grand gesture if we did a single rep of Alpe du Zwift as a show of support! He’s starting at around 630 am UK time Saturday March 2nd.

My plan is to complete Stage 7 at some point tomorrow, I’m following that up with No Place Like Home just to be sure I can refresh my Sufferlandrian citizenship following several unwelcomed recce trips to Couchlandria. I will then pop over to Zwift and ride Alpe du Zwift. I won’t be fast and I’m sure I’ll have some choice words for @Tiago_Branco who put me up to this in the first place :slight_smile:


That is an epic epilogue! :100:

I’ll definitely hop on while I’m doing my morning Stage 7 videos and stay a bit after. :+1:


Yeah, we can all thank @Tiago_Branco for this. I’m not even gonna try to coordinate a time. Just get on there when and if you can and knock out a rep up the Alpe. Maybe even win yourself a pair of the virtual Lightweight wheels. It took me well over 20 times before I got 'em. :rofl:


Did he finish already?


Not as of 9:21 CST. At that time, he had travelled 49.2 km and had been on the road for 3:09:10 and was going 10 kph so, climbing climbing climbing! And, he still has a ways to go still.




He just zoomed by me going downhill while I was going up between turns 4 and 3.



the rules of vEveresting allow you to dismount on the descent and take advantage of the break time to do all the things you need to do (which of course you can’t do irl). When I did my first vEverest, dismounting was not allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


Only now i free and ready to start the farewell ride.

I am yet not sure that i am tech fit for Epilogue purpose. not sure that i will be allowed to ride the Alp on zwift. Newbie as i am, just downloaded, first i couldn’t find it. Then with some help could found that Road to sky is a way to get there, in thebapp says free ride, but in the web read it is level six exclusive, whatever that means.
Any way… It’s High Time. And then i’ll see if it works.

Thank you so much pain, Sir @Glen.Coutts


I have learned that there is no try in Sufferlandria.

I guess Sir Glen provided time enough to spin…


Do what you can @Tiago_Branco. If you can’t make it, the nation will know you suffered well and most honourably.

For me, that’s a wrap:


Update: Sir Fran did finish his vEveresting although he reported a computer glitch/freeze, did not dual record, and is trying to see if he can recover the lost files. He does have screen shots and such and it was a group vEveresting so he’s got plenty of evidence to submit to Hells500, the Keepers of the Cloud. #crewgotcrew


Oh no. :worried: I hope all that evidence proves his case. :grimacing::pray:

I rode up behind him (I don’t know Zwift enough to know how to teleport to ride with someone) for a while and saw at least 3 other people vEveresting at the time - tho they were much further along.

Edit: how do you dual record a vEveresting? Do you run Zwift on two computers? Or just record on a head unit so you can prove the effort wasn’t interrupted even tho it won’t show your elevation gain?

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Yep. I did the same for Knighthood.

For vEveresting it’s recommended to also take regular screen shots that will show your progress. The head unit will record your HR, power, cadence and on a timeline within the FIT file and those can be used to compare against expected efforts based on your weight and chosen segment. It’s also recommended to use a paper tracker too. For example, I did Leith Hill for one of my vEverests and had a sheet with how many reps I needed to do (51 iirc) checking them off with each rep.


Hey ho Sir @Glen.Coutts ,

My apologies, Sir Glen. After a glorious suffering yesterday, I only now managed to come here and write.
I ended up too exhausted to write.

So, emotional Stage 7E after the beautifull High Time.

Well, the only thing I can say is that I think the goal was fully achieved. I had the misery I asked for. Be careful what you wish for, someone once said…

Since I had no experience with Zwift, it was already halfway to not going well. And in the app part, it didn’t go easy.

First, the issue of not having access to Alpe du Zwift. On one site, I read that currently only from level 10, on another from level 6.

Then I found some hope:

So I tried.

I endured maybe 1 minute, certainly less then 2, staring at the app. I finished casting the phone to the TV, put on a series, and continued pedaling, wait for the climb to start, occasionally glancing at the phone.

I couldn’t even make out the numbers that appeared—too small for me to read on a phone screen, let alone without experience in the app. At some point, this message appeared:

and I got highly surprised; it didn’t seem at all like I had pedaled enough to reach the mythical summit. Naive, but not entirely. I even tought that zwif could have a bit of sense of humour with the sad smile, because the training was ending.:sweat_smile:

After all, I was just 1 km away from finishing the free experience…:man_facepalming::rofl:

I spent a few minutes trying to understand what was exatcly happening in the app. If the session was stoped or not. Then I remembered Sir Glen telling

It seemed to me that one of the fields indicated the elevation, and at that moment, it showed about 550 meters. I can guarantee I heard a laugh from GvA echoing.

Without wanting to bore and write more about the app experience, which matters the less in all of this, I decided I couldn’t stay there, despite having taken a strong hammer physically and especially emotionally.

Dealing with technology in the midst of effort doesn’t make it easier.
I didn’t like it, but I recognise that in a first time use, it’s insufficient. Had roads with bifurcations, options to choose, optinal Kom’s, too much novelty for an Epilogue.

I remember enjoying Stage 7B much more on RGT last year. It was certainly smoother, and I clearly understood when we reached the “summit.”

So i decided I had to do the 1047m of elevation, and started pedaling until I reached it.

Filled with the Sufferlandrian spirit, I managed to reach 1047m, but not a glimpse, not even a tiny mirage of:

But the goal was fully achieved. It was another final massive dose of pain, miser, agony. I literally ended up wanting to lie down.

Thank you very much, Sir Glen.

Thank you, The Sufferfest.

I wish i could donate more.

It’s seems almost unfair that we receive so much in all this The Davis Phinney Foundation Tour of Sufferlandria days.



@Tiago_Branco you really are the best example of all of us. Your epic perseverance and suffering for the honour, glory and victory of Sufferlandria, the greatest mythical nation in the whole wide world!

Sufferlandria is lucky to have you.


Next , is understand how to import from zwift to system like this.


Just check your history beta in progress but you’d need to have authorized wahoo in the Zwift settings first.


I did ride Alpe du Zwift but did not really interact much with anything for what it was worth.


Yeh, it was just intended to add an extra bit of suffering to the end of the tour. I tend not to interact too much when on there either, especially when climbing. Glad to hear you got after it!