The wahooligan tour stage 7 - official race thread

The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 7 - Saturday March 2


Ready for a post-Tour celebration like a true Wahooligan? Join Ian Boswell for a creemee ride in today’s last stage, because victory tastes even sweeter with a treat in hand!

As we wrap up the 2024 Wahooligan Tour, the question is: will you be among our top fundraisers? TheDavis Phinney Foundation has something extra special in store for the riders who go above and beyond in the closing weekend. The top 3 fundraisers will strut away with a cozy DPF puffy jacket – the ultimate prize for your outstanding efforts.

Don’t forget to tag @wahoofitnessofficial on any of your Tour related social posts.

Wahooligan & Sufferlandrian Route: Boswell Creemee Ride
It’s been great to show you around Siloside, Vermont. Now Ian wants to introduce you to his friends. Actually, he wants you to help him drop his friends. So jump on your bike, head down to the regular Creemee ride, and show the Siloside locals what you’re made of on this rolling, rambling ride through the Vermont countryside. Ice cream is on Boz.

Suferlandrian Route: High Time
The masters of time are waiting to take you on a 30-minute journey that will flirt with the borders of your FTP (while occasionally encroaching it, because you know… SUF).
Set in a part of Sufferlandria renowned for its flat and straight roads that can wreak havoc on your soul, this session is, however, not quite as intense as its older brother The Long Scream, although it is a little bit longer for the sustained effort part.

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out the Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

You never ride alone.
Ride with us! Join VIPs and Davis Phinney Foundation staff on Zoom at 9 am MDT (Boulder, CO USA) during the Tour - add this zoom link to your calendar to participate.
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 899 3074 6160
Passcode: 919989

Your Tour Merchandise
The Official 2024 Wahooligan Tour Poster is available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Davis Phinney Foundation! Add this year’s poster to your collection!


If you have not already voted, or wish to change your vote, note that the poll will close at the end of this stage.


That actually was fun!
High Time at 100% as planned!

One more to go.


Nice work!!!


And done… I lined it up with High Time first to give it an all-out level mode TT and hang on at the highest power I could muster with Boz.

Despite the fatigue from the past 6 stages, I managed to nail a lifetime 30 minute best! Creemee ride did get pretty ugly, was dialed down to 93% and could just barely keep up on the hills.


C’est fini
kataṃ karaṇīyaṃ
Se hace
זה תם ונשלם


And so ends the Ice Cream Route Tour.

Reserving Saturday for a sort of grand finale, in High Time, still hopeful to see emerge from a 24-hour and 40-minute silence, a Stage 7C. Not necessarily ending in glory atop Alpe d’Huez, but honoring those who made all this come to life and be possible."


So, is this just one graph or a series of graphs :slight_smile:

Feel free to contribute to help me achieve some stoooopid goals

You are ALL welcome to join the unofficial Stage 7: Epilogue once you’re done with The Company approved one.


Stage 7 done. High time @100% then Boswell dialled down as I have a TT next week I don’t need to dig myself into a hole.
HT was glorious though. The bit where Woat rides through the Belgium fans and the music fades down to hear them chanting his name… Classic SUF moment.:ok_hand:


:clap: :clap: :clap:

I take it this means you won’t be doing the Stage 7 Epilogue

Finished yesterday. Today, I have a half marathon trail race. My legs are probably not going to enjoy the event after a week of intense indoor cycling. DPF is a great cause so it’s worth it. Great job to everyone who has completed their tours.


Sooooo much more than me :joy:

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I’m going to do an outdoor ride tomorrow, which looks like a terrible idea in the UK late winter weather!



Getting a big burger down the pub now.


The final carnage.


Not quite rest time for me! Time to start the last stage.


Suffer well Sir!


All done ; respect to all those that did both tours the Sufferlandrian Route made me suffer! Would join the epilogue and do some everesting but have a works do that starts shortly :see_no_evil: but at least that will involve my favourite recovery drink , beer :beers:


All done, but had to do stage 6 and all The stage 7:s today. I dailed down every stage some %:s but it still more than 3h of cycling at a high intensity. Recorded a zwift ride simultanisly and ticked off the 100km badge :grin:
Feel pretty good and I think I am pretty near my previus years peak if I look att my stats.
Time to crash a full frontal to see if any of the data have gone up by some points.
But that will have to wait til next week, now some rest and maybe the new inspiration next week to fully recover.

Thx for a hard Tour, maybe I take a well deserved donut before the dinner :scream: