Stage 7 "Loulou"-style

So, no sob-stories here, not seeking sympathy, but due to a number of factors culminating in the hospitalisation on Sunday and passing on Wednesday of a family member, I simply haven’t done any fundraising for my Tour fundraiser this year, though doing the riding has helped keep me balanced.

Help a fellow Sufferlandrian out and make him look a little silly at the same time?
Last time I so much as did anything other than trim my beard was 8 years ago and it’s been mostly intact for 20.
If we can hit my $500 target by the time I do Stage 7 tomorrow I will, to the consternation of my loved ones, cut myself a tribute to one of my favourite riders, Julian Alaphilippe.
(Not the biggest change I know, but one that received a very flat “No” when previously mooted)

Let’s do this
(and congratulations and strong riding to all my Sufferlandrian compatriots).


So, thank you to some tremendous generosity (I have to admit, I thought asking for $500 overnight was possibly a bit of a stretch), I’ve had to break out the clippers and the razors, now I get to experience stage 7 with the added suffering of razor burn under sweat.

Thank you for the donations, this is an incredible community.

Ride strong, ride safe and suffer on!
Let’s get it done!

(I may have to revisit for further refinement, but the thin edges and the inside are tricky. I need to find his barber!)




Love LouLou. He crashed today, but got back into the thick of things. He was already tripoding and managed to think his way into a nice tuck and roll.
You look great in that trim. BTW, you did tell them that it grows back! I have to get in a trim now that it is getting warmer. 20C today is going to be a memory.