Standing attacks on Smart trainer

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to SUF but loving it.

Any tips on how to do these? Maybe it is that I am not strong enough but I cannot stand and do a fast cadence in the workouts without pedal clunks. And the ERG does not respond quickly enough for the short attacks in Attacker workout.

So- any tips on how to get rid of pedal clunks in my workouts? (I am on the All-Purpose Road one).

And is it effective to sit down for the attacks?

This thread might help you:


Ann, I, too am pretty new here and so there’s a million others who could respond way better than I but I’ll throw in my 2cents.
Standing attacks are about strength - that ought to increase as you get more training - you need to be having them based on a ‘decently-done’ Full Frontal test.
Cadence is what we all practice - saying that, the video Elements of Style is meant to address cadence’s pedaling in full circles 360degrees so that you’re not ‘bottoming-out’ with pedal clunks. People have various proportions of slow-to-fast twitch ratios in their legs - so that people can range from maxing out at 105 -170rpms. That means if you’re standing with spent legs (strength) they won’t spin OR if your legs are strong enough but don’t spin then they haven’t been trained to maximize their ability to reach your max rpm (which, again, also has to do with your genes for muscle fibers).
Stay with it


Thank you for your encouragement! I do think alot of it is not being strong enough. The good thing is I am improving on the mid programme half Monty. I certainly will keep going.

I could almost never do standing attacks when I started with SUF. It took lots of practice for it become more comfortable. It’s still not that comfortable, but I am able to do it and actually enjoy it on occasion. So, definitely, repetition helps. And then some lower body strength training would help, as well. (weighted squats, etc).