Starting New Training Plan using existing 4DP and Half Monty Results

Hello, I’ve been a Sufferfest member since 2019. I did the 4DP test in March 2019 where my results gave me FTP 128, LTHR 175, MAP 153, AC 217 and NM 454 In May 2020 during I did the Half Monty as part of a training plan and the results were FTP 157, LTHR 169 and MAP 193 Since then any time I do a workout
that I would classify as ‘tough’ I find it near impossible to maintain or complete due to my new figures. Whereas before if I did A Very Dark Place I found it hard now with my new figures I can’t do it. It asks me to do 175w for 4 minutes which is just too much for me, I’m a 8 stone, 60 year old female! So my question is this, do you think my Half Monty results are wrong? The reason I ask is that I want to start a new training plan. I have been off my bike for several months and was thinking of either doing the Couch to Crusher training plan or the Fitness Kickstarter one but if the training plan uses my existing figures I just wont manage. Any suggestions?

Hi @Funkylady, and welcome!

So I’m clear, you’re working off FF results from March 2019 and HM from May 2020? I guess my initial response would be that, regardless of your metrics, they’re “wrong” now, 10 months later. Most of the plans I’ve launched into suggest at least a fresh HM to recalibrate, if not a FF (ideal).

The Fitness Kickstarter plans have a new Half Monty test in the first week. If you’ve been off the bike for several months, your numbers are most likely to be lower now than they were. I’d suggest doing one of those plans to get started and build up from there. Good luck!

Hi there, yes if I do a workout it uses my HM figures cos when I did the HM in May 2020 it over wrote my previous FF figures. I was probably thinking on doing the 10 week Fitness Kickstarter as it incorporates a HM on the 3rd day of the plan meaning I would have a more realistic idea of where I am in my stats now, thanks

Thank you, on reflection I think that would be the best way to go. It will be depressing getting my new figures but at least I will be starting off on my training plan at a level that I can hopefully progress from :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Dream of where you want to be, start from where you are.



When I do the HM again will it use my existing figures from my previous HM? If so I wont get very far through it! :thinking: :grimacing: I had a quick look at the HM workout and going by my past figures in the warm up before even getting to the ‘ramp’ part it has me doing 133 watts for 3 minutes I’ll me knackered before I even get to the ramp! Is it just a case of ‘suck it up’ and see how far I get?

Yes it will. If you think it’s that far out then drop your numbers by 10% before you start. The aim is not to get through the ramp though - you will and should fail at some point. Don’t over stress it though, it’s a starting point, not your destination.


This. Since it’s a ramp test, where you fail would likely be proportionate to where you start, so should be a wash in the end. Much different than FF, I would guess. But agreed, you could kick your % down to 90% if that helps get you TO the ramp, if that makes sense.


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I’m also 60 yo female (sadly somewhat more than 8 stone more like 11) and new to Sufferfest (though not to cyling/turbo training). Without wanting to contradict what others have said if I was in your position I would consider making a fresh start - clear all old numbers out and use App estimates for a new HM. You should fail somewhere on the ramp but it will give you a good starting point. As I class as a sprinter :rofl: I also take off a few watts in my profile to make MAP/ FTP sessions doable without having to dial down every session. Good luck and Suffer well!

Hi there, thanks for the info. I started today on the Fitness Kickstarter 10 week plan and tomorrow I have the joys of doing the HM but at least I know after doing it my figures will be more accurate in relation to my fitness. Severe problems with my neck of the past 6 months or so has had a dramatic effect on my fitness due to not being able to go on my bike so much but i’m determined to get back into the right head space and getting more fit. It was just under three years ago that I managed to do the Cinglés du Mont Ventoux so I know I can do this cycling milarcky :blush:

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Wow. 3 times up Ventoux all on same day? Chapeau madame! I’ve cycled it 4 times over 20 or so years. Planned number 5 for last summer but Covid put paid to that. Good luck with your plans.

Yeh, oh to be as fit as I was then! :unamused: Good for you going for your 5th ascent, much as I would love to go back and do the routes again I just have good/bad feelings about it after doing the Cingles so I think 3 will be enough for me. Hope it wont be too long before you can do your 5th :crossed_fingers:t3:

@Funkylady Welcome. You have gotten some good feedback and I would say its pretty sound. The takeaways are that your fitness will ebb and flow, getting accurate numbers from a test is always the best way to start a plan, (either FF or HM) we prefer FF if you have been away for a while. Sometimes you will not be able to finish a workout as prescribed in erg mode. This is difficult to rap your head around but does not mean that you failed. Especially sessions like AVDP. Just as @Alistair_Brown mentioned the FF will give you targets based on previous values. But these are targets. HM will set your ramp targets based on your previous 5 min power. However, even if these values are off the differences in your ramp stages should not effect your test results. You are well on your way! Keep up the good work!

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I’m on the middle of a 10 week plan that had a HM test at the beginning. I’m wondering as I feel good on every session is it worth doing another HM on one of the days off to update my ftp or should just keep going till I have the full frontal at the end of week 10.

@BikeMan -Yep, if you have only done a HM at the beginning it’s worth doing another just to keep you on the right trajectory.


Brilliant will do thanks Jeff :metal: