Starting over after a loong layoff

So I had my FTP at about 290 three years ago which was good for a 50 yr old father of three self employed(not much time) :slightly_smiling_face:
I had knee surgery (ALC) all good now, and a pinched nerve in my neck numbing my right arm for the last 24 months. My weight went up and up and I’m now in the obese category of BMI :frowning_face:

I jumped back into the application looking to reset everything and start off as a total beginner again as my pain is all good now. :no_mouth:

How do or should I reset my FTP settings to overweight out of shape newby?

oh and thanks for any replies and if this is in the wrong place please tell me.


I found my own answer in the Final Surge training plan. I’ll do the week long pre Full Frontal test and then go from there. Just hope I’m not too gutted by the decline in fitness.

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Or you could do the transition ramp up plan, which starts with half monty then six weeks later hits you with FF


That is how I started. I tested okay on the first one - below where I thought I would be but then did a 12 week plan and saw improvement. Good luck!