Storming the castle 22 instead of 24 December

So, after 2 years of suffering, i’ve decided to finally storm the castle on my birthday 24 of december.
I was planning on doing it last spring, but life got in the way.
Now i’m more motivated then ever, and i’m kicking my ass today so i can kick the laser eyes goats tomorrow.

Not 100% sure about the lineup, but i’m kinda afraid so probably gonna go for the shorter video’s:
Do As You’re Told
Rue The Day
The Best Thing in the World
The Wretched
The Omnium
A Very Dark Place
Power Station
There Is No Try

Gonna finish my tempo block the coming week, then i got a full frontal week & then i’m starting the KOS prep plan.
I’ll keep updates in this thread.

more than you


Good stuff and a fine selection of videos there too!


Brilliant! Thank you for offering the excellent birthday and holiday enterpainment. Jolly old saint GvA will surely bring you lots of real pagne, harsh whine, and glorious suffering.


You’ll have this lovely bed awaiting your arrival. You can make it your motivation to get to the gates. This thing is sooo uncomfortable, you’ll LOVE it!

SufferKing Mattress


So the final date has been set: Friday 22th of December. Took a day of work and my partner is going to take care of the kids.

Also I’m adding a second challenge starting that day is wel: quit smoking.
I’ve been a smoker since I was 16 yo. 24th I’ll become 37 and I’m finally in that mental state to take the big step.
I know it’s gonna be hard, but cycling will help me!

Couple of questions:

  1. How much “rest” time can you take between videos?
  2. What happens when you have a technical problem during the videos and you have to wait 5-10’ before continuing? (Ie: I’ll be home alone, what when someone’s at the door, or my laptop reboots → it’s an old thing and Windows tends to update without asking). I’m doing everything to be prepared as good as possible, but what if?
  3. Can you do the trainings in level mode? I find that cycling in erg mode for a long time becomes “boring” and like the feeling of surging once in a while to give the legs another feeling
  4. Food: gonna be on the bike for 10hr, do you guys suggest normal foods like bananas, croissants or more of the gels and powders in my bottles? I can handle both just fine for 5-6hr rides. Never did a 10hr ride, let alone on the trainer
  5. What do you guys suggest for entertainment? Do you watch a movie or focus on the training videos? I really like the videos, but for 10hr it might get a bit boring…
  6. When I successfully finish the challenge, how long to wait for the letter from knighthood (I live in Belgium and I really want me a kos sticker!!!)

The Knighthood page has many answers BUT:

  1. You are permitted ten minutes between videos. Practice this. You’ll be surprised how fast time flies.
  2. Be prepared for just about anything. However, you won’t be the first to be hit with a Windows Update in the middle. Make sure you disable automatic updates for the duration of your quest. This topic is too broad and has videos on how to enable/disable on YouTube.
  3. It is advised to use level mode AND turn down the intensity to a “marathon” level. I used an average of 75%. Remember, the idea is 100% SUFFERING, but so much you don’t make it to the Castle.
  4. This is tough. Eat whatever your body can tolerate AND will fuel you to the end. You’ll have to figure this out. One word of advice, don’t eat anything that will force races to the Loo.
  5. I watched every video I rode. I suggest doing so unless you are very familiar with the ride. The profile must resemble the ride you scheduled.
  6. I can’t answer this one. Depends on the workload of The Minions. BTW, it is a requirement to complete the form on the Knighthood page for recognition.

One other advice about eating (and it applies to almost any endurance effort), do not eat anything you have not eaten before on your bicycle.

If necessary, do some test runs with any food you want to eat.


And never change anything on event day. The results can be a disaster.

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Have you settled on your final lineup? If not, I wouldn’t just pick shorter ones cuz you’re “kinda afraid”. Fear is a brilliant motivator. Pick vids that speak to you somehow, that you enjoy, that you love to hate, that are your nemesis, that completing as part of your quest will fill you with pride. For me, each one was carefully chosen for a variety of reasons so there was meaning to help drive me forward.

As for what to watch, to me that is a given. For me, Knighthood was not just spending 10ish hours on the trainer. Having done events outdoors about that length I was pretty sure I could do that. For me Knighthood represented what I had previously considered unattainable, it was my Mt Sufferlandria and as such I poured myself into its planning and prep. Not only did I not watch something other than the vids, I completely shut down all social media, had my text set to off, told everyone I knew, including my wife and kids, not to try to contact me or even come down to the basement. I wanted 0 distraction as a I was laser focussed on the goal. My only contact with the outside world was a quick selfie with a chart ticking off each ride as completed, then back to the task at hand. I was never bored. Not for a second.

All vids had been downloaded in advance. I used erg mode for most of it finding it simpler to manage the intensity during a time when my brain was in a fog (videos 5-7) and nearly delirious (videos 8-9).

For food I had a mix of sweet and salty gels and candy and savoury and crunchy. But I also had some real food in some pre-made sandwiches of deli meat. I highly recommend real food in the mix.

Tech issues do happen but I was also prepared for most of those. Had quick links, Spare chain, spare tire and tube (my Knighthood was done on a whee on smart trainer), spare cleats, spare shoes. I dual recorded using my headunit in case the app went glitchy.

For the most part there were no tech issues but there may have been a video loading issue at one point that pushed the 10 min break a bit. My memory is fuzzy since it’s been a minute but I’m pretty sure I would have taken less time during another break to minimize the impact. The minions do understand that stuff happens and from what I’ve heard can be forgiving depending on the circumstances. Just don’t expect it and be as prepared as you possibly can be.

Set a timer for those breaks. Set it for 8 minutes cuz times goes fast. Save time by eating on the bike during the warmups and cool downs. Use the off bike time to change kit, take a nature break and do a bit of stretching.

Love that attitude. As for how long for your application to be approved, be patient, sadly, there’s not many minions left as The Company terminated many of them. As a general rule though, if you haven’t heard anything back after a couple weeks maybe ping them with a support request.

Edit: oh and they’re not stickers, they’re decals :wink:


I would emphasize this. Having the vids downloaded reduces the impact an unexpected internet outage can have. As long as your computer is still running, the Sufferfest video should be okay.

Also make sure the ten videos you choose are on the eligible list on the Knighthood page.

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The suffer-list looks kind of dreadful but fit for a Knighthood quest. Anyway, the suffer list is personal taste so let no one persuade you otherwise.

Are you going to do the rides in that order, @Matthias_Boucherie? Our fellow Knights here often say ride number 7 is technically the midpoint and it should be your favourite ride. The 10th and final one is your ‘most-favouritest-ever’ ride. :joy:

10 minutes maximum. Like what Sir Glen mentioned, best to set your timer to go off at the 8th minute. I previously used the ‘OK Google’ voice prompt to set the timer about 10 seconds before the video ends.
My two cents would be, to practice these not-too-long breaks in one of your long ride sessions.

You can actually pause Windows update temporarily for a set number of days, so perhaps, switching off the updates like a few days before the big day would be great.

You sure can as long these are the kinds of food you eat while on the bike. Just don’t try something new on the day itself. We wouldn’t want you end up stranded somewhere in the woods and not making it to the gates where we will be waiting.

If your paperwork is all in order, it shouldn’t take that long for your to receive your bestowment, Probably in a week? I think it took a week for me that time and thank goodness for Sir Cody who was still around to assist me.

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Thx for the advice everyone.
The list is final but not in order. Gonna sort that later.
I’ll be downloading the videos that aren’t yet downloaded and have a backup laptop with all the workouts downloaded as well. In longer outdoor rides I always eat cycling fast foods. Gonna start eating “normal” foods the next couple of days to see what that does while riding. Ill prep myself as good as possible to not have any distractions.
Good tip for putting on a timer during the pauses.
Thinking of starting of at around 75% but I really want to finish the last workout 100%.
I’m dreading and looking forward to it at the same time. Can’t wait for the 22th, but gonna be happy when it’s done🤣


That’s a good plan! FYI, in case you didn’t already know this, occasionally, The Company will update one of their existing vids (with content error fixes etc.) so if you’ve downloaded an older version, it will show that a new version is available. It would be a wise idea to check all your vids on the day, and before you start your quest, to be sure you have the latest versions.

Now all that’s left for you do do is prep some more, taper, and…


Planning is made, videos are downloaded on 2 laptops & cellphone.
Thursday evening I’ll be moving my bike and trainer from my basement to my livingroom. Last week I did a 6hr ride on the Uber pretzl on zwift. Physically and mentally it was challenging but ok. Didn’t have any pains or problems. Rode avg of 190W (FTP 275) with the final 1,5hr up alpe du zwift at 220W. The struggle really was the fact that I was in my basement. Locked out of any views or distractions, just 4 walls and my laptop.

Anyway I’m super motivated and ready to begin. Although I already know now it’s gonna hurt, and hurt a lot. Here’s a screenshot of my planning. Will be doing it in this order as well.
Gonna start with the omnium @ 100% and then turn down to 65-70% to make it a Z2 training ride.
I’d love to finish with G.O.A.T. @ 100%.

I’ll be posting my progress on Friday in this post. Wish me good suffering!


Oh boy…The Wretched at #7 :grimacing:…that’s gonna guarantee good suffering to you!



And Rue The Day right after that… That’s really a pinch.


That’s gotten me twice. It’s a nasty surprise. Definitely earns its name! :smile:

That’s a nice playlist. Lots of excellent suffering to be had.


Just brought the kids to school. Easy to head home and start my challenge.
Will posts pictures and updates in this thread.

Just one more coffee and I’m of


And we’re of