Storming the Castle 19 December

After a year and half of Suffering, it’s time to pull on my Gauntlets of Misery and approach the gates.

Here is the menu:

Video Style Length Type Post stage rest Total time elapsed
1 The hunted Climbing 1:01:00 Climbing 0:10:00 1:11:00
2 Do as you’re told Speed 0:42:00 Speed 0:10:00 2:03:00
3 Attacker Endurance 0:52:00 Sustained 0:10:00 3:05:00
4 Butter Endurance 0:57:00 Mixed 0:10:00 4:12:00
5 Power station Climbing 0:48:00 Climbing 0:10:00 5:10:00
6 The Trick Speed 0:57:00 Speed 0:10:00 6:17:00
7 Omnium Racing 0:47:00 Mixed 0:10:00 7:14:00
8 Bat Racing 0:59:00 Mixed 0:10:00 8:23:00
9 Who dares Racing 0:52:00 Mixed 0:10:00 9:25:00
10 G.O.A.T. Endurance 0:41:00 Climbing 0:00:00 10:06:00

A few notes:

  • Attacker, with a sustained weakness
  • Mostly picked the videos I “like”
  • Heard it gets hairy around video 7, so picked Omnium as something different to shake things up.
  • Have been suggested to finish on Fight club instead of GOAT
  • I want to suffer, but if you feel there’s something in there that might bury me, let me know
  • 80% intensity as a start point (numbers will be 2 months old by then)
  • I love longer rides (150-200km) but have only done a few over the last months. Nutrition will probably dictate how well I go - so will plan that separately after perusing the forums.
  • Aiming for 8 mins rest before climbing back on the bike. Then 2 mins faffing about.

Any feedback, let me know.


Have fun storming the castle! Looks daunting and doable.

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Looks great! Have fun storming the castle!

My comments…

Attacker, Butter, Power Station looks like a brutal combo back-to-back. And then The Trick right after at #6… The Trick can be deadly. I know it looks like a bunch of rest, but the long effort at the end has a way of being way more difficult than it looks.

You also have a lot of long interval workouts. I know you said they are mostly videos you like the most.

But maybe consider mixing it up with some more short interval workouts. Those seem worse on the face of it, but actually may give you more breaks especially when they are lowered down to 75 or 70%.

Maybe move The Bat to #2 and move Do As You’re Told in between Attacker and Butter.

I also agree with the suggestion to finish on Fight Club instead of G.O.A.T.

Maybe also replace Butter with Violator!

Regardless of your choices it will be a test of your mettle.

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Amazing feedback. I love Violator, and this is a good rationale to add it in. I’ll wait to refine it and see if anyone else weighs in. Appreciate the detail, thank-you!

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Nice menu :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:. Starting with a :face_vomiting:erfest is def a winning strategy, lol.

Advice: practice with a few back to back vids to see what can (and can’t) be accomplished in 8 mins. Time between rides is when folks normally:

  • get off their bike
  • save their vid
  • take a pic and post to FB or forum
  • load up the next vid
  • take a nature break
  • take off their shoes
  • Change socks and/or full kit (every 2 or 3 vids)
  • reapply chamois cream
  • stretch/yoga moves
  • make sure next vids H20 and food is ready and within reach
  • put shoes back on
  • get back on bike and make sure all sensors are connected or reconnected.
  • start the next workout.

It goes faster than many think but you can still get all of the above done. I did my quest prior to there being an in-app plan so just ran 3 of the Open 15 or Open 30 vids back-to-back in order to see what could be done in the breaks.

As for the list and the order, a quest is very personal so outside of suggesting to keep your absolute favourite at #7 and mixing up the order so there aren’t toooo many really long hard sustained effort vids in a row especially near the end and #itwillallbefine #tuhntf



It looks like we will suffer at the same time as I also plan to storm the castle on December 19. In my assumption, the main course will be “climbing”. At the moment it looks like this:

I wish you luck!


Fantastic! Happy planning!

We’re all so different but FWIW there are many similarities between your menu and mine.
I did The Trick at #6, Who dares at #9 and G.O.A.T. at #10. I was very happy with my last 2, and in that same order as your draft.

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Excellent. Need more Knights to cope with the expanding laser goat herd (I’ve heard …)

You’ll get lots of great advice here and on the FB forum so I’d utilise both as you continue your planning. My personal opinion - 6, 7, 8, 9 looks like a brutal (and potentially quest-ending) combination at a time when you’re really starting to feel it. The advice I took was to really mix the different types up and in particular not to have too many climbing/ sustained efforts back to back. Individually they’re tough but in combination for a KoS Quest they are absolutely brutal and could be too much so.


SOLID advice from Sir @Craig.Quarmby. You can ignore it if you like @jacek , but you’ll at least have fair warning. Also, thats a fantastic looking menu d’suffering. Guaranteed good times (for us) :smiling_imp:


Best of luck!

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@jacek Climbing much? :wink:

:goat: :goat: :goat:

hey @Glen.Coutts @Craig.Quarmby you’re right. continuous effort from 6-9 can kill me. I will think about it and I will have to change something.
@CPT_A In cycling, I like climbing the most, hence my decision. It will probably be very difficult, but nobody said it should be easy :hot_face: :goat: :hot_face: :goat:

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Good luck.

Maybe give some thought on the 80% part. I also started at 80% but halfway through it killed me, cramps and just empty. Had to dial it back to 60% for a part and then dialed back up a bit.

If I had to do it again, I’d start at 75% (or maybe even 70%)


Looks like a lot of fun. Good Luck, it will be worth it. Here is my two cents worth of ideas.

a) riding indoors is much harder to me than riding outdoors, and my KoS quest was more than double my longest ride. I think it is harder because there is no elevation change, which alters the pressure points in the saddle. My trick was to raise my front tire and extra 4 inches using a yoga block, during a few of the sessions. The slight pitch change helped … or at least gave me a mental boost that I was trying something to make the time in the saddle tolerable.

b) nutrition wise I started eating & drinking 1.5 hours before the event, then kept going. I averaged an intake of 53 g carbs per hour. I drank a little more than 1 water bottle per hour, all but one with electrolytes. Bananas were my goto snack.

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What a glorious sufferfest you’ve proposed. Brutal. Best of luck.

I’m in Australia, so suspect I’ll be done before you. Perhaps we can update this thread with progress as we’re going along?


I LOVE your playlist. Looks delightfully painful!! Do not switch out Butter. And GOAT is the best finish. Suffer with courage! We shall await your arrival…

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Actually Violator is the best finish. Other opinions may vary :wink:


My advice, after completing mine last Tuesday is, watch for cramps. I had Gatorade and propel for electrolytes and I had potassium tablets but by the last 2 workouts, the cramps were about to kick in and I had to get pickle juice quickly.

I had lots of carbs to fuel me. Bagels, cookies, sushi rolls for lunch, nutrition bars too.

Also, my fan caused me to catch a chill so I had a fever upon completion of my knighthood and I had a fever for nearly 2 days. Stay warm.

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Looks awesome to me. I would finish with G.O.A.T. Many good comments and suggestions from others.
Good luck!!


Agreed! The cool down will be an amazing way to approach the Gates! We will enjoy watching you suffer! Enjoy!

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