Strange HR graph on Strava

It never happened before but today when the workout was uploaded to strava, the heart rate graph appeared intermittent or sinusoidal, the peaks are the actual hr recorded, oscillating between the value and 0

HR graph is correct in sufferfest app.

Any hint about what is causing that?

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Sorry, no idea what’s causing this. Maybe a system error during transfer?

You could try deleting your activity in strava and upload it from the Sufferfest app again.

I’ve tried deleting the activity and uploading it again with suf app: same result

I’ve tried uploading the FIT file received via email at the end of the workout: same result

Finally I’ve tried uploading the TCX file received together the FIT file, and it’s now ok, perfect straight line correct HR average (with sawtooth graph it was halved)

I’ll let you know if it happens again with the next workout

Please contact the minions (Sufferfest support) and they will look at your session / file and what went wrong.

If you need to contact them you can email to or you can submit a new help ticket here:

I hope this helps.

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