Streaming videos badly buffering

Looks like the buffering issue hasn’t been resolved, doing the cadence drills this morning and it looked like I was trying to download via modem…

Win10 machine, latest SYSTM software, graphics drivers up to date

Can this be sorted as it really ruins the experience

There’s another thread about this, a lot of people are having similar issues. The only option seems to be to download the videos before doing the workout (assuming you’ve got reasonable bandwidth and available storage space) but there doesn’t seem to be any info from Systm regarding fixing it long term. Don’t even bother with Android, after the latest update, it’s unusable.

@NickyLeary, @WFBR, as Nicky says, there is another thread and it’s best to keep all of this collated in one location so the minions can track more easily.

It’s always been the case, and always will be, that ideally people should download videos in advance and if they are in a position to do so try to keep the whole library there, but…

The minions are trying to isolate and track the issue.
Could you both provide your location (national, not house number) so they can see if this tracks to specific locations, please?

Aye I saw the other thread but thought it worth starting another one just to show more visibility to the issue,

Yes I can download but that takes up a fair amount of space and is also very slow, downloading “tapers” at the moment and that’s on a 80+ Mbps download while Tapers is downloading so internet speed isn’t the issue. Also didn’t have to do this with The previous incarnation of SYSTM….

Either way
Glasgow - Scotland

Is it possible to download vids with the android app yet??

I’ve been getting stuttering videos even if they’re downloaded!

That does sound like a graphics card issue, best check all your drivers are up to date

Also double check you have the green tick next to the downloaded video to show its fully downloaded, I’ve noticed downloads seem to “stall” at about 99% completion so the circle looks fully closed when it’s not, it would appear the downloaded is getting verified that’s it’s downloaded correctly once this happens you get the green tick, so if you start watching the partially downloaded video but still have a internet connection I think the software will use the streaming over the partially downloaded

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This is on my iPhone and my iPad, and in both cases the video has fully downloaded first!